Monday, January 26, 2009

More on affair le Barber - Did he say homophobia is a made up term?

I was so busy trying to defend the actions of Wisconsin teacher Sarah Arnold from Matt Barber's ridiculous attack in my last post that I neglected to talk about the inanity of his comments:

"The term 'homophobia' is a made-up term, made up by homosexual activists, that has no scientific value, no clinical value whatsoever. It's merely a propaganda term."

Is he for real?

Well I guess the cat is out of bag.

All of those times lgbts have been beaten and murdered for our orientation,

All of the times that lgbts have been kicked out of our homes,

All of the times we have been accused of having a short life span, having too much sex, molesting children, stuff gerbils in our rectums, beating the hell out of each other because we had nothing better to do.

All of the times our lives and relationships have been devalued are the result of a huge plot from the Mothership coming from the planet Homosexual.

If Barber keeps this up, he will most likely do more to help our cause than we ever could.
Matt Barber attacks an educator for doing her job

Matt Barber of the Liberty Counsel seems to be positioning himself as the go-to anti-gay spokesperson of the religious right.

I bet Peter LaBarbera would love that.

Several times, Barber has been throwing himself in the limelight to comment on things such as President Obama's embracing of lgbt rights and this recent situation in which he criticizes a Wisconsin English teacher's fight against homophobia:

According to, Sarah Arnold created the curriculum called "Exposing Hidden Homophobia" when she noticed what she calls "anti-gay undertone[s]" in student conversations. The regimen asked students to examine depictions of homosexuality in mass media, to view numerous homosexual-themed films, and read pro-homosexual books and novels. Arnold even issued questionnaires to the students that featured questions that are commonly asked of homosexuals but instead were given to heterosexuals, such as "When did you decide to become heterosexual?"

Nothing wrong with that, is there? Except of course in Barber's eyes:

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel says the program is really intended to indoctrinate children into thinking that homosexual behavior is okay. "The term 'homophobia' is a made-up term, made up by homosexual activists, that has no scientific value, no clinical value whatsoever," he contends. "It's merely a propaganda term."

Barber, who has absolutely no training or expertise in this sort of thing, seems to think that he can prognosticate why Ms. Arnold chose to create the course. It's a part of the big homosexual agenda conspiracy, he says.

God forbid she, as an educator, notices how her students are saying ugly things with anti-gay undertones.

God forbid she, as an educator, takes steps to divert a potential situation in which a child is being bullied.

And God forbid, she, as an educator, takes proactive steps to prevent a potential situation in which violence may be the outcome.

All that seems to matter to Barber is that students can't be permitted to say ugly anti-gay words without recourse.

Friends, Barber typifies the lunacy and hysteria of the religious right.

A little note to Barber and company - everything that is pro-gay need not be taken as an attack or an assault on you or your beliefs. We occupy this nation too and we have a right to take steps to ensure safety in our homes and in our schools.

We have a right to protect our children.

And if an educator wants to help us with this, then that educator should be given a medal, rather than be made the central figure in a conspiracy theory sprung from a bad X-Files episode.

BTW - here is a better article regarding the situation.
AFA on Facebook - big deal

I am trying something new - posting at least three times a day rather than once a day. There will still be huge posts (how can I keep away from my friends in the anti-gay industry) but there will also be small posts which will include my take on lgbt issues.

So the American Family Association has gone and joined Facebook.

I know some of us want to either laugh or wring our hands over the new development.

Neither action is necessary. I say let them have their facebook page with their 30,000+members (yes I know that's a lot of folks).

There are so many other lgbt friendly facebook pages with good information about our community and about the lies of the religous right.

Rather than gripe about the AFA, let's make it a point to join these pro-lgbt facebook pages. Some of which are:

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters - You really didn't think I wasn't going to include my page, did you? Soon to be adding a discussion board.

Good As You

Truth Wins Out

I know this isn't all of the groups. Never fear because I will give a near to complete listing at a later date.