Friday, February 06, 2009

Nice try Peter LaBarbera, but no dice

Sometimes it's nice to see folks like Peter LaBarbera twist in the ropes of their own nonsense.

Earlier this week, Peter took it upon himself to expose an alleged upcoming sadomaschistic hotel orgy.

Just one problem - this alleged event seems to have been heterosexual, which would not big deal in the matter except for the fact that LaBarbera has, in the past, made a name for himself by going to gay subcultural events such as Folsom Street Fair, taking pictures and posting them on his webpage, and going on talks shows decrying about how "gay culture" is indicative of these events.

In this case, Peter seems to have out trumped himself. Lgbts have nothing to do with this upcoming event.

So what does he do now?

A. Let the situation die out, allowing it to add another dubious chapter to his reputation as Porno Petey.

B. Admit that he has been unfairly generalizing about all lgbts based on the alleged behavior of some gay men at a subcultural event?

C. Try to link this heterosexual orgy to lgbt culture irregardless of the fact that the orgys's very existence negates all of the bullshit he has been spouting about gays in the past.

If Peter had done anything but "C," I would have admired his new found maturity.

But, as I have come to expect from him, Peter picked the choice that not only deepens the wound but makes me wonder just how low can his reputation sink.

LaBarbera is actually trying to link this heterosexual event to lgbt culture by claiming that we "led the way" to sexual misconduct:

While homosexuals certainly cannot be blamed for the entire, sordid Sexual Revolution, the “gay pride” (GLBT) movement has paved the way for a perversion explosion among “heterosexuals.” For if it’s perfectly acceptable for men to sodomize other men in the name of “love” — and lesbianism and bisexuality and now transsexuality to be treated as OK (while it’s NOT OK to judge them as wrong) — then what on earth is stopping other perverts like Tristan Taormino (above left) from pursuing the same popularity and acceptance? And ditto for “poly rights” in the law.

So a bunch of heterosexuals decide a big sadomaschistic orgy in a hotel and it's not their fault. It's the GAYS who put the idea in their heads. It's the GAYS who started the entire thing.

I don't know what's funnier. The idea that LaBarbera actually believes this stuff or his insistence to sneak something about gay sex into the piece.

Sometimes I think he dwells on sodomy more than gay men.

If LaBarbera keeps this up, I'm going to have stop posting about him.

Exposing the lies of the religious right is one thing but dwelling on a man who seems to be melting down in the contradictions of his own nonsense is something else entirely.

And I'm not that sadistic to give an audience to it.
A lesson in evasion brought to you by One News Now.

But first, some news briefs to tide you over on this Friday.

Gay lawmaker says she was left off family committee in Missouri

Obama's faith-based council includes openly gay appointee

Fundie message to young people of color: thou shalt not master your domain

And now, my friends, I present to you the difference between good report and partisan spearing:
From One News Now - Hilda Solis - another 'taxing' embarrassment for Obama?

From Reuters UK - Obama labor secretary-nominee faces tax questions

Now the issue in question has to do with tax liens put on the business of Solis's husband.

This is how Reuters UK addressed the issue:

The White House indicated Solis was in a different category, with spokesman Robert Gibbs saying she was not involved in her husband's business and should not be punished for the tax lapse.

"We reviewed her tax returns and her tax returns are in order," Gibbs said. "She's not a partner in that business, so we're not going to penalize her for her husband's business mistakes."

Asked if Solis' husband paid the taxes at the prompting of the White House, Gibbs said: "I think he paid the liens back because he owed the taxes. ... The White House believes that if you owe taxes, you should pay them. But at the same time, this obviously is a business that she's not a partner in and we're not going to hold her responsible for."

This is what One News Now says about the issue:

Hans von Spakovsky, a visiting legal scholar at The Heritage Foundation, says it is hard to believe Solis was not aware of the tax liens while she was profiting from her husband's business.

"I think there is a problem when we have a recurring pattern here. You know, she says that she doesn't know about these tax problems. She also failed to reveal on those same disclosure forms that she was the treasurer of this outside organization, which I think is kind of a little bit difficult for her to not remember or really claim she made a mistake," he contends. "If it wasn't a recurring pattern, there might be more credibility to that claim -- but I think this is an accumulating problem that she has."

There is no word on whether or not One News Now even tried to seek a response from the Obama Administration.

Also, I find it highly ironic who the phony news site chooses as a legimate person to cite in this article. Spavoksky isn't exactly an objective individual.

But apparently he is adequate enough for One News Now.

The state of Christianity in this country is SAD.
What the hell is wrong with ABC News

First, a continuation of the post from yesterday.

It appears that despite the wranglings, press releases, hyperbolic nonsense, and the intervention of Senator Jim DeMint, the religious right lobby against part of the stimulus package that they say discriminates against Christians has failed:

Right Wing Zombie Lies Fail in Senate February 5, 2009 - God Bless America.

This next issue isn't exactly lgbt related per se, but it gives a good reason why it's difficult for us to win the p.r. argument:

ABC: Obama Is Hypocritical For Limiting Wall Street Pay While Having A ‘Lavish Lifestyle’:

Yesterday, President Obama instituted a pay cap on bailed out businesses after it was revealed that Wall Street doled out an estimated $18.4 billion in bonuses last year. “If the taxpayers are helping you, then you’ve got certain responsibilities to not be living high on the hog,” he explained.

In what appears to be an attempt to call Obama a hypocrite, ABC’s Scott Mayerowitz “reports” today that the President also has a “lavish lifestyle.” Under the title: “Obama’s Perks: Private Jet, Chef Tax-Free,” ABC notes that Obama earns $400,000 dollars a year and even has a private jet

Unbelievable. And here I thought Obama was the President of the United States and leader of the free world who will constantly be on call for at least four (I'm hoping eight) years.

Must have been my mistake.

The big question is will the religious right and other conservatives actually run with this article? Or will they show restraint for a change.