Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday news briefs

AL: Birmingham mayor slapped with lawsuit for discrimination against Pride Fest - The story is clear. The mayor is discriminating against Pride Fest. Amongst other things, he has refused to let city employees city workers hang banners for the Pride festival from city light posts, which was allowed for other events.

I can just hear the arguments from the religious right now - "It's his personal beliefs. Why should he sacrifice his deeply held religious beliefs?"

He wasn't elected as a Christian but to be mayor for all citizens. How long is it going to be before people start saying "personal deeply held religious beliefs" is no excuse for being disrespectful or discriminatory?

‘Ex-Gay & The Law’ Released by Truth Wins Out and Lambda Legal - A landmark kick in the crotch to the so-called ex-gay groups and the religious right groups behind their planning and funding. It should be a required document for all lgbt centers and groups across the country.

Now let's work on a publication outlining all of the religious right's phony positions and arguments regarding the lgbt community as well as its history of misinformation and lies.

Ready for his close-up: Vintage black gay film unveils a ‘Portrait of Jason’ - Just in time for Black History Month.

Anti-gay forces work to regain national influence - They want us to forget about Paul Cameron, the phony studies, the stereotypes and the legitimate studies they intentionally took out of context. I say don't let them forget it.

Hey Pete: First apologize for your own Nazi comparisons, brother! - Peter LaBarbera shown to be a hypocrite? We must be on planet Earth.