Thursday, March 19, 2009

If the Freepers are upset, then it must be a good thing

The commentators at One News Now aren't the only ones upset at the Obama Administration for signing the U.N. resolution urging the decriminalization of homosexuality.

The folks at right wing site Free Republic have weighed in.

Every now and then when something good happens to the lgbt community, I go to the Free Republic site and enjoy the foaming at the mouth I see there.

And the Freepers rarely fail to disappoint:

Are we now the Unites States of Sodom?

Anderson Cooper probably doing cartwheels.


Seems Obama administration is bending over (forward) to please the gay mafia

I sure Barney Frank will make oral arguments the function of the day...

Another knee jerk reaction to a bunch of homo prostitutes screaming fire and murder where there is great nuisance coming from them in the first place.

It will now be a crime to criticize the homo-agenda.

This is nothing new or unexpected. Liberals are obsessed with the deviant perversion of sodomy. Remember how Bill Clinton's first act as President of the United States was to insist that the military adopt the "don't ask, don't tell" policy allowing the abominable, disease ridden, child molesting perverts to serve alongside the good, clean, patriotic American men and women of our armed forces?Liberals don't seem to understand the danger they put people in by allowing these modern day typhoid Mary's to indiscriminately mingle with the general population.

This MAY make homosexual behavior MANDATORY in the USA! Treaties can even supercede the Constitution!

Oh if that last comment were true in the cases of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jack Black, and Abraham Benrubi, I'd be a happy man.
Thursday mid-day news briefs

Legislation Aims to Ban 'Gay' From School - It boggles my mind the way some state legislators work.

Christian law group loses fight with Hastings - Good ruling. The organization can exist but if it disallows members for certain reasons, it should not get funding or recognition.

Elevating homosexuality to new heights - The Obama Administration endorses statement asking for the decriminalization of homosexuality - naturally One News Now and its readers aren't happy.
My appearance on the Gay Agenda

Last night, I appeared on the internet radio show, the Gay Agenda to talk about my blogs and book.

It was an interesting discussion that ventured into a lot of territory.