Friday, March 20, 2009

Wayne Besen smacks down Peter LaBarbera - eat your heart out, Hulk Hogan

Our friend Peter LaBarbera is gunning for Truth Wins Out head Wayne Besen:

FOX Enabling Besen’s Bigotry?

AFTAH’s web category “Hateful Homosexual Attacks on Ex-Gays” was practically created for Wayne Besen — whose mischievously named organization “Truth Wins Out” pursues a flat earth-like campaign to deny that people can overcome homosexuality. (Besen has a difficult time explaining away the happy lives of countless former homosexuals — like Janet Boynes, Stephen Black, Charlene Cothran, Stephen Bennett, and Yvette Schneider.) Besen practically stalks some ex-”gay” leaders like Greg Quinlan (see below), and he joined the leftist anti-Christian group Gay Liberation Network in smearing Dr. James Dobson as “hateful” — and falsely accusing him of fomenting “hate violence” against homosexuals. Despite his fanatical anti-religious bigotry, Besen is an occasional guest on FOX’s “The O’Reilly Factor” (e-mail, where he comes off as far more moderate than he is in real life. Besen was on “The Factor” tonight and attacked the Pope as having a “credibility problem.” Thankfully, he was easily bested by an able opponent representing the Catholic TV network EWTN.

LaBarbera was referring to a recent appearance of Besen on the O'Reilly Factor in which he discussed the Pope's ridiculous position on using condoms to stop the spread of AIDS (the Pope is against condoms).

Besen, for his part, wasn't about to let LaBarbera's ramblings go unanswered:

I don't blame Peter LaBarbera for hating me.

I was the first to publicly recognize that he had a bizarre fascination with gay male S&M. There never seemed to be a leather event this supposedly heterosexual man missed. He'd attend these parties "undercover" to do "research." Meanwhile, he would blatantly ignore similar events - including swingers clubs - that were heterosexually focused. It does not take Freud to know that this behavior is somewhat abnormal and a little bit odd.

. . . Last night, Porno Pete attacked me, yet again, on his struggling vanity blog. He made a number of false allegations and outright lies. I could refute each fib, but I won't waste my time. This is because LaBarbera has become irrelevant. No one cares what he has to say. I almost feel bad for him.

Well, okay, I'll address one lie. Porno Pete talks of successful "ex-gays." The truth is, he had teamed up with former ex-gay activists John Paulk, Michael Johsnton and Wade Richards. Paulk was photographed in a gay bar by me. Johnston entered a sex addiction facility after meeting men on the Internet. Richards came out of the closet. If there is one man in America who knows that so-called "ex-gay" programs do not work, it would be LaBarbera. But, he conveniently left these failures associated with his ministry off his blog. Talk about intellectual dishonesty and denial!

His Americans for Truth venture is a dismal failure and has no impact on public policy, nor the culture at large. It is just one angry man with "issues" who under the pretense of activism shows hardcore gay porn to church folk. He's a creep with a traveling peep show. A pervert disguised as a puritan.

Ouch. Okay you may accuse me of being biased for saying this but . . .

Score one for Wayne.

If Peter is smart, he will stop before this gets too ugly. But then again, knowing Peter . . .
Friday news briefs

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The Family Research Council loves to scare people

Apparently I'm on the Family Research Council's email list and despite the emails I send back (politely written of course) letting them know that I do not agree with their agenda, I still continue to get their letters.

Today, I got a really good one containing the usual prognostications of doom and despair under the Obama Administration including:

Silencing the moral voices of America is critical for the Left to place America under government control, except when it comes to moral or sexual restraint.

It's all in The Agenda. It was posted on the official White House website within hours of President Obama's inauguration. It's a virtual laundry list of radical left-wing ideas, including:

"Hate Crimes" Legislation. The Left believes people who engage in homosexual behavior deserve special legal protections and wants to punish those who speak out publicly against the homosexual agenda.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Imagine an America where radicals can use the federal government to force businesses and churches to hire homosexuals, the way that Canada enforces its so-called tolerance laws. The Left thinks that is a good idea.

Then there's the so-called "Fairness Doctrine" that I just mentioned.

The Left is trying to disguise this blatantly unconstitutional attack on the First Amendment by calling it "Community Broadcast Standards," "Diversity" or "Localism."

Whatever they call it, they want to drive Christian and conservative voices off the radio airwaves.

They want to silence you!

It amazes me how this so-called Christian organization will tell these blatant lies and demonize folks with different points of view as "radicals."

President Obama has repeatedly that he does not favor re-introducting the Fairness Doctrine

Hate crimes legislation has nothing to do with speech but violent acts. Hate crimes legislation already exists in cases of race and religion and no one's free speech has been attacked in those cases. What we want is to merely add sexual orientation to the categories.

The Employment Non-Discrimination Act will contain an exemption for churches. But what about businesses in general?

With the Family Research Council, you have to read between the lines. Is the organization saying that a manager of a restaurant with a "personal religious belief" that homosexuality is a sin can fire an employee for being gay?

That's a question which needs to be posed to FRC head Tony Perkins.

I suppose it's good that I am on FRC's email list so that I can keep a better track of the organization's distortions.

But reading the lies is still a drag.