Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday midday news briefs

Getting to the Roots of Hate Crime - An excellent article courtesy of Huffington Post.

Yea, Tony? That figure's honest? See nothing false about the witness you've borne? Interesting - Gasp! You mean the Family Research Council is actually misrepresenting a poll on gay marriage in New York? And in other "shocking" news, the sky tends to be blue on bright and sunny days

Gates says axing DADT 'complex' - Some folks may disagree but I don't. I remember what happened during the Clinton years. Let's proceed slowly but not stop the progress.

Ex-McCain aide to call for gay marriage support - Uh oh. I can just see the headlines courtesy of One News Now.

Laurie Higgins Endorses the Bullying of Gay Kids - Why am I not surprised.

Anderson Cooper’s Vulgar ‘Tea-Bagging’ Joke Epitomizes Media’s Hatred of Conservatives- And now some comedy courtesy of our friend Peter LaBarbera. Apparently lgbts had something to do with the mocking of teabaggers. We just got our fingers in everything (Don't you dare make a joke out of that.)
The Day of Silence will be successful

Today is when thousands of high school students will show their support for their lgbt classmates via the Day of Silence.

I personally wish this idea had been around when I was in high school. Back then (the 80s is such a long time ago) just a rumor that a person was gay would elicit an automatic beatdown.

Some may argue that things may be pretty much the same, but I would have to disagree. The level of support that our lgbt children are receiving now is much better than it was when I was a child.

And of course the usual cast of characters are opposing the Day of Silence. In fact, pro-Paul Cameron group Illinois Family Institute is leading a charge to tells parents to keep their children out of schools during this day.

No doubt this plan will fail like the so-called Day of Truth these groups have been trying to push in direct opposite to Day of Silence.

Not that it will stop them from distributing a "we were successful" press release which I'm sure they worked on the same day they decided to announce the walk out.

Liberty Counsel and One News Now has even gotten into the act with a phony news article listing the supposed times that people have been threatened over opposing or not participating in the Day of Silence.

The article is a bunch of substantiated anecdotes and whinings put together by folks who fail to realize that they are losing this fight.

No matter though because this day is not about them.

It's about our children - the next generation of Americans. According to the Day of Silence webpage:

In 2008, hundreds of thousands of students from more than 8,000 K-12 schools, colleges and universities organized Day of Silence events. These numbers make the Day of Silence one of the largest student-led actions in the United States.

I feel confident that the level of participation this year will exceed that.

Slowly but sure we are winning this war.