Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Perez Hilton and Peter LaBarbera - two different sides of the same idiot coin

Oh please make this situation go away. I will do penance, I will go to church every Sunday, anything.

But make this nonsense about the Miss America pageant go away.

Who am I kidding? This situation is juicy and it's not going away any time soon.

And it's just as I figured yesterday - Perez Hilton is now front and center on Peter LaBarbera's Americans for Truth webpage.

Peter is trying to link Hilton to all of us:

You see, it’s all about holding the “right” position — that is, the “gay” position — and shutting up or overriding your beliefs, or risk being smeared as a hateful “homophobe” if you dare to disagree. This is the emboldened Queer Lobby’s and their Amen Corner’s M.O. — whether it’s forcing a New Mexico Christian photographer to shoot a lesbian “wedding” against her convictions; trying to get Prop 8 thrown out and declared “unconstitutional” because you lost at the ballot box; equating opposition to “gay marriage” with rank bigotry, or moral opposition to homosexual behavior with “bullying gays”; or pressuring the media into rejecting ads featuring successful ex-”gays” (as GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has done).

Not all of us like Hilton and not all of us agree with his actions. To link his stupid behavior with lgbts trying to gain our God-given right of self determination is homophobia defined.

It's no different than linking the behavior of black gang members to the African-American male in general or the behavior of a black woman you see on the Maury Povich show testing four men for the paternity of her child to all black women.

Really though, you can't blame Peter for trying to take advantage of this situation any more than you can fault a vampire bat for sucking blood. Both parties need to feed off of others to survive.

But I want to know something.

Am I being too hard on Perez Hilton?

I mean I don't think so. He asked a question. Miss California answered it. It may not have been the answer he liked but that should have been the end of the story. Of course it probably wouldn't have been but Hilton didn't make things better by getting on youtube and calling her a b*(#&& and a c*^$!

Whether we like it or not (and I hate it), Hilton is in the public eye and yes he has a responsibility to act as if his mother gave him good sense. But he didn't.

He called Miss California out of her name. She in return got on the Today show and took the position of Joan of Arc on the stake while at the same time talking about how she will pray for Hilton.

Who looks better? The pushy gay or the beauty queen?

Or a better question is who looks better? The lgbt community or the religious right?

It's too depressing to think about. One more question though:

African-Americans have Julian Bond, Cornel West, and a host of black intellectuals gaining attention. Women have Gloria Steinhem and, to an extent, Phyllis Schafly espousing their point of view about the role of women.

Just who in the hell does the gay community have to speak for us besides an immature gossip columnist whose claim to fame is outing a few celebrities and drawing ridiculous doodles on the pictures of other celebrities?

I know. We have many others who are far more intelligent and mature to espouse our community's values.

Okay, but then why is Hilton gaining all of the attention?
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I love my beautiful black people but sometimes I think they have lost their minds

And IT begins.

Miss California and Perez Hilton are now doing the morning news show circuits, no doubt sparring with each other over her answer to his question and whether or not it cost her the Miss America crown.

Why Lord, why? I still think it's a dumb controversy.

And in another "Why Lord, why" moment, I ran into an interesting gossip site yesterday and it put made me think about what lgbts of color have to deal with in the black community.

There is this belief that black folks are more homophobic than other Americans. I don't believe this is the case. What I do believe is that there needs to be some serious discussion in the black community regarding homosexuality. Sometimes those who are in leadership positions in the black community shirk their duties when they don't encourage (and in some cases try to hinder) this conversation.

I also think that trepidation about gays and lesbians in the black community goes beyond that of a religious issue. We are a threat to the ideas of gender roles.

And as these items (and comments) prove, there is a salacious aspect that many want to throw at the lgbt community; an aspect that wouldn't exist if lgbts of color would have more support in the black community:


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