Thursday, April 30, 2009

The verdict is in - NOM lays another egg

The National Organization for Marriage's campaign against same sex marriage is shaping up as the Heaven's Gate of all anti-gay campaigns.

First was the awful "Gathering Storm" ad which made the organization a laughing stock. Now comes the "No Offense" ad.

Through this ad, NOM was obviously hoping to take advantage of the Miss California Carrie Prejean/Perez Hilton same sex marriage question at the Miss America Pageant feud.

For the record, the ad is another flop for NOM.

It has received only one and a half stars on youtube and has been criticized for taking quotes out of context.

Box Turtle Bulletin said the ad had many problems, including:

1. It relies on old and trivial news. By now everyone has seen the little tiff between Carrie Prejean and Perez Hilton. And while some may sympathize with Carrie, it’s hardly the sort of incident upon which to base a significant political position.

2. It gives voice to NOM’s opposition. When your dear friend indignantly says, “she called me FAT!!”, it may not be admirable but the very first thing you automatically do is look to her waist to see if it’s true. So it isn’t wise to remind viewers that some consider NOM to be bigoted and untruthful; it places the association in their minds.

3. It has no point. The theme is “gay marriage supporters are bad because they called me names." And seeking to demonize your opponent may not be the wisest choice when you’ve just reminded your viewer that you are being called a bigot.

This controversy is petering out and save for scrappings between Prejean and Miss California pageant officials, no one is really giving a damn about it.

And apparently the NOM press conference stunk also. According to Rebecca Armendariz of The Washington Blade:

Just got back from the NOM press conference. Maggie Gallagher and Miss California Carrie Prejean were there, and there was even a reporter from "Inside Edition" to ask Prejean about her breast implants!

Gallagher introduced Carrie and was very careful in choosing her words. She said that she understands that the "attacks" on Miss Cali don't reflect the views of most gay people, and remained civil, and a little emotional, about the need to preserve traditional marriage. I'm sure she's also really proud of the soundbite she brought out for the occasion - that Carrie "chose the truth over the tiara."

Carrie seems to think that her views represent the "majority of people in my nation." I didn't get called on, so I couldn't bring this to her attention, but that majority is dwindling. A
CBS poll from earlier in the week says 42 percent of the country supports same-sex marriage, and an ABC poll from today boasts a big 49 percent.

If we don't preserve "traditional" marriage, Carrie says, children will not have mothers and fathers. Because, you know, that's the norm. Miss Prejean really needs to take a look at Dan Savage's powerful "Every child deserves a mother and a father" series on

I'm in agreement with my fellow bloggers when they say "bring on the parodies!"

But I have one question. The dollar amount of $1.5 million has been thrown around when talking about the cost of this ad as well as the "Gathering Storm" ad.

Who in the hell is trying to get a tax write off?

UPDATE - It looks like Hilton had the ad removed from Youtube citing copyright issues. Well to hell with it all. I say let's make next year's Wrestlemania match against him and Prejean.

But in all honesty, NOM can't complain about this because the group has done the same thing regarding the now infamous "Gathering Storm" audition tapes.

Debate the points of Hilton's actions amongst yourselves. Personally I'm a bit conflicted.

And in other news:

Maine Senate Backs Same-Sex Marriage - Happy, happy! Joy, joy!

McGillis Confirms Lesbian Rumors - Welcome to the conspiracy Kelly McGillis (cue thunder and evil laugh)

Religious right now trying to punish pro-gay speech - First Tinky-Winky, now Miley Cyrus. How dare she say that God loves everyone!

Thursday midday news briefs

Video: Know Offense, NOM - NOM likes to claim that we won't discuss the issue of marriage equality. Per usual for them, that's a lie.

Nice Try, NOM -And from People for the American Way comes the news that NOM was taking quotes out of context in the new ad. Well I am shocked!!

Maine’s Governor Reportedly Backs Same-Sex Marriage - Meanwhile, in the real world that NOM does not seem to inhabit . . .

Transwoman wins half-million in lawsuit - My new best friend

SF police crackdown on Dore fair sex - I have to agree with the police on this one.

Paterson: Gay Marriage Opponents Suffer From 'Guilt' - Handle your business Governor Paterson!

And finally . . .

Joe Solmonese responds to NOM's new commercial - "The only terrible consequence of marriage equality they’ve demonstrated so far is a gay blogger disagreeing with a beauty queen. As far as my cameo, I appreciate them emphasizing my point that when debating the merits of this issue they only have lies on which to rely. While we believe in honoring all relationships, their relationship with the truth could use some help."


One more thing about it. What's with comparing Carrie Prejean to Queen Esther from the Bible? Esther stopped the wholesale genocide of Jewish people. All Prejean did was answer a question, get a gay gossip columnist angry, and is now reaping the p.r. benefits of the entire thing.

I fail to see the comparison.
Carrie Prejean is not going away - but it's good for us

Well this is interesting - Carrie Prejean is not going away. But I don't think it's going to be a bad thing for us.

I just saw her on the Today show in an exclusive interview where she talked about her teaming with the National Organization for Marriage in a new ad campaign.

And I have two thoughts.

The first one - Ms. Prejean said she has not received any threats because of her stance - so I dare Maggie Gallagher and company to try and spin the physical threat claim.

The second thought - Oh My God, you have to be kidding me! Her answers to Matt Lauer's questions were short, inarticulate and very, very vauge. She came across as obviously coached.

Her constant talking point - she is just trying "to protect marriage." And she is willing to do what it takes to "protect marriage."

That's it. And I won't even get to her answer to the question comparing her to Sarah Palin.

My opinion is that she lucked into a situation (thanks again Perez) and the religious right is trying to take advantage of it. The National Organization for Marriage in particular after that awful "Gathering Storm" ad campaign is trying to rebound by using her.

So basically while I respect her opinion, it's safe to say that her 15 minutes are not just almost up, they are careening to a close with the speed of a runaway freight train.

If Prejean is what NOM considers a rebound then the organization should just call the game.

UPDATE - The ad is up. And while it is interesting how it compares Perez Hilton with HRC head Joe Solmonese, it also makes a huge error in referring to the "Gathering Storm" ad. The point of this ad should have been making people forget how bad the first one was. And it also makes more vague and easily refuted charges.