Monday, May 25, 2009

Not necessarily an lgbt issue but it's funny

As some of us await the Proposition 8 ruling tomorrow, I thought it would be educational and humorous to shine a light on some of our opposition.

This is a forum by that lovely online publication World Net Daily. The forum is devoted to allowing WND readers to ask President Obama questions.

Based on some of these "questions," they seem to like him as much as they like us:

Where is it? Your Live Birth Certificate? I know you do not have one! So how did you get into office? Just because you can read a teleprompter does not qualify you a president! Your arrogance is astounding you say President Bush did not keep us safe and made the terrorists situation worse but were we hit again? Easy yes or no? Answer is NO all you do is apologize for America why? We have done nothing wrong! If you feel the need to apologize so much why are you here in America? You are Muslim so you should go home! As my Grandmother always said your lies will show your true face the one you hide from others.

When I speak on topics at seminars, I know my topic well, if my notes are misplaced or water spills on them, I can keep going, because the topics I speak on are close to my heart; they are friends I want to share with my audience. When your speeches are not properly prompted, you lose your focus and ability to continue intelligently. You should be so well versed in your speeches that you could continue in a typhoon. Do you not know your topics? Or are you speaking someone else's words for them? Who really has your heart?

I would like to know how you turned from Muslim to Christian and now to WHAT??? You have turned your back on Christianity since you took oath. You can lie with that arrogant self righeous attitude with the best of the evil people.
I have not believed one word you said from day one and I am not a Republican!!!

As a "constitutional lawyer", how do you justify holding the office of President of the United States when you have not proven conclusively that you are constitutionally eligible to hold that office?

Mr. Soetoro - my question is by what authority did you assume the office of President? There is no proof that you are a citizen of the United States and certainly not a natural-born citizen as the Constitution requires. What gives you the right to sit in the White House every day NOT upholding your oath of office to support and defend the Constitution? You do remember the Constitution right? The suprewme law of our once-great Republic?

Yo Barry: Since you are the bastard son of a communist whore, and you see yourself as savior of the world, are you going to use your god-like powers to feed the masses after there are no more jobs in which to work to earn money. Or are you going to expect the us stupid Americans to get our food from the foreign aid Saudi Arabia provides? Do we have to cook our rice over open cow dung fires like your ancestors in Kenya? Will your little woman be cooking over cow dung fires?

Hey Hussein,
How is being a usurpin puppet for the Bilderbergs workin for ya??? And how do you sleep at night knowing your days are numbered? Which prison will you pick to live the rest of your joke of a life in?

So Barry, now that you are destroying the nation, murdering babies all over the world, spreading communism to the idiots that voted for you and all in all making yourself the new god, do you have to take a double dose of your anti-psychotic medication in order to reach your happy place? Enjoy it now, Barry. What goes around comes around, the piper always demands payment (and he ain't Allah).

I want you to know you are not my president and wouldn't have been even if you could show proof of citizenship, which we all know now you haven't a snowballs chance..My question to you is, where in the U.S. do you think you'll be able to live after you're escorted out of the White House in cuffs,,you may get your pick of prisons, your a fraud and major law breaking USURPER!!!!!

I think Marge Simpson sent that last one.

And those comments are just from first three pages. There are a lot of people with too much time on their hands.

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Paul Cameron goes to Poland and gets smacked down

I can't believe that I nearly missed this highly interesting news item about our favorite discredited researcher Paul Cameron. It took place earlier this month.

Luckily for me, the anti-gay phony news site Lifesite news covered the situation. If you ignore the pro-Cameron bias the article pushes, it makes for good reading:

An American psychologist and researcher who specializes in the medical and psychological harms of homosexual activity, has been turned away from speaking venues in Poland after attacks by a left-leaning newspaper.

Dr. Paul Cameron, the founder of the Family Research Institute (FRI), has said he is “deeply disappointed” that Warsaw’s Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University had bowed to political censorship and cancelled not only his lecture but an entire conference on homosexuality this week.

After the liberal newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza published an article calling it “homophobic” for hosting Cameron, the university cancelled the conference titled “Homosexuality from scientific and religious points of view”. Gazeta Wyborcza is the paper that last year was instrumental in a prominent case in which a 14-year old girl was pressured by a feminist activist to abort her baby.

Shortly after Dr. Cameron arrived in Poland this week, Gazeta Wyborcza published a second page article accusing him of misrepresentation of science, and portraying him as a bigot and unreliable lecturer. The paper called Dr. Cameron “a fierce homophobe” and openly called for the cancellation of the conference, suggesting that whoever might attend would be guilty of offending homosexuals. The paper suggested that “international human rights conventions which Poland signed surely forbid these kinds of speaking events from taking place”.

On the day Cameron was to appear, the university announced that the conference had been cancelled. Professor Marek Kowalski, Vice-Rector for Teaching Policy and Student Affairs, announced the cancellation, saying he did not want to damage the image of the university by having it labelled “homophobic”. At the same time, he said he regretted that the media had deprived students of their academic freedom.

How convenient that the article does not go into detail regarding Cameron's many censures and rebukes for his bad research techniques. Rather, the article tries to make it seem that gays are stifling free speech.

I'm for free speech but I'm also for pushing correct information. No university which values its integrity should play host to anyone with a reputation as bad as that of Cameron:

1982 - During an attempt to repeat a pro-gay rights ordinance in Nebraska, he told a story of a child being castrated by a gay man during a sexual attack. When police investigated the story, they found it to be false.

And let's look at the condemnations rained down on him by the medical profession:

“(Cameron) misrepresents my findings and distorts them to advance his homophobic views. I make a very clear distinction in my writing between pedophilia and homosexuality, noting that adult males who sexually victimize young boys are either pedophilic or heterosexual, and that in my research I have not found homosexual men turning away from adult partners to children . . . I consider this totally unprofessional behavior on the part of Dr. Cameron and I want to bring this to your attention. He disgraces his profession.” - Dr. A. Nicholas Groth in 1984 after discovering that Cameron distorted his work.

"Paul Cameron (Nebraska) was dropped from membership for a violation of the Preamble to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists - American Psychological Association, 1983

The science and profession of psychology in Nebraska as represented by the Nebraska Psychological Association, formally dissociates itself from the representations and interpretations of scientific literature offered by Dr. Paul Cameron in his writings and public statements on sexuality. Further, the Nebraska Psychological Association would like it known that Dr. Cameron is not a member of the Association. Dr. Cameron was recently dropped from membership in the American Psychological Association for a violation of the Preamble to the Ethical Principles of Psychologists - Nebraska Psychological Association, 1984

Dr. Paul Cameron has consistently misinterpreted and misrepresented sociological research on sexuality, homosexuality, and lesbianism" - American Sociological Association, 1985

The Canadian Psychological Association takes the position that Dr. Paul Cameron has consistently misinterpreted and misrepresented research on sexuality, homosexuality, and lesbianism and thus, it formally disassociates itself from the representation and interpretations of scientific literature in his writings and public statements on sexuality. - Canadian Psychological Association, 1996

Cameron has lost all credibility in America. Other than a few idiotically anti-gay bloggers and ignorant bodies (such as Miss California Carrie Prejean's church and the Illinois Family Institute), no one sees him as a legitimate researcher. Major religious right groups from time to time cite Cameron but at their own peril.

It's nice to see that some in other countries are catching on to Cameron's lies.

For a complete look at Cameron's lies, go here.

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