Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mass Resistance's funny war against Massachusetts' lgbt community

While I love making fun of Peter LaBarbera's stridency when it comes to stigmatizing the lgbt community, he doesn't come close to what Mass Resistance does in Massachusetts.

Mass Resistance is the religious right group that's so strident, it has probably done more for the case of lgbt rights by alienating everyone in the state.

It's the group also behind the so-called Fistgate scandal as well as the David Parker controversy; two unfortunate moral panics and the reasons why my hit count has egrown.

You think LaBarbera goes out of his way to demonize lgbts via pictures and such? Please. Compared to Mass Resistance, he is just a child who is holding his first camera.

Mass Resistance routinely films and takes pictures of pro-lgbt events, especially those with high lgbt youth participation. The group places these films and tapes on its webpage with language so lurid and melodramatic that it would give V.C. Andrews pause.

A perfect example is the recent Massachusetts Youth Parade the group attended:

Kids (below) using the excitement of public parade to show the world how they've "come out" as homosexual, thanks to hardcore activists in the schools. This is very sad to see.

Sounds terrible but I ask you, whats wrong with the following pictures (just some on the webpage that Mass Resistance shows as proof of the so-called indoctrination of children):

How dare these gay children hold hands with their partners in the daylight hours! Someone call the Attorney General.

Mass Resistance's ramblings gets worse. Apparently there was a prom held for lgbt youth. Mass Resistance called it a "transgender prom," but knowing the group's love of hyperbole, I don't trust their description.

Mass Resistance took pictures of attendees doing nothing wrong, added lurid and insulting captions to the pictures, and made unproven charges, such as claiming that the participants were smoking marijuana.

The page is here for your perusal and amusement.

Mass Resistance has also published an "report" by an unknown, unnamed college student named "Max" who allegedly attended the event on their behalf. Of course he had nothing positive to say:

"I remained in the building for an hour and a half and found the events inside disturbing, depraved and outright criminal."

. . . This “prom” was a recruiting propaganda event. The middle-aged fetishists handing out cards, the adult transsexuals dancing with underage school kids, the lack of supervision on the part of the organizers accomplished one goal and one goal only: to recruit as many teenagers as possible to the homosexual cause.

The homosexual cause is a cult. The people with the megaphones, covered in homosexual rainbow livery screamed about “gay pride” and “unity” as tourists walked by on that warm Saturday night. It was clear that the goal of this movement, just like that of any other cult, is to isolate kids from the rest of society, their parents and their friends, leaving them with only one option: to join the gay cause.

Damn, if only I could write fiction as good as "Max."

The lgbt community in Massachusetts have long gotten used to the exploits of Mass Resistance. They treat the group like an ugly birthmark; it's there, it's unsightly, but it causes no harm.

But while you are laughing, remember something. It's bullshit like that which make it so hard for our lgbt children to be open and honest. Yesterday, I talked about how the religious right are attacking GLSEN's Kevin Jennings for not betraying the trust of a gay youth who told him about a relationship with an older person. The talking point was that Jennings should have alerted the police and the child's parents.

And while religious groups want to read Jennings the riot act for that 1988 incident, none are saying a word about Mass Resistance attacking lgbt youth. In fact, one religious right figure (Peter LaBarbera of course) is presenting Mass Resistance's nonsense front and center on his webpage while adding a bit of hyperbole of his own.

I betcha that LaBarbera and Mass Resistance would give Hansel and Gretel hell for not letting the witch eat them.

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Thursday midday news briefs

Those who followed my last post by now know that the discussion between me and the "sanctified lady with the stripper hat" has taken a weird turn.

She pulled the "gay sex is harmful and gay men eat feces" card out of her stripper hat. Yeah, she went there.

So subsequently, after informing girlfriend as to how her comments are no different than those of racists against black folks, I have decided to stop responding to her nonsense. I figure I got my points across and her comments accentuate my points.

Anyway, on to news briefs:

Five alternatives to another LGBT March on Washington - a good post from a good friend Matt Comer (the guy in the picture with me) via Pams House Blend.

Lesbian senator votes against Jesse Helms resolution - Alright, girlfriend!

Gay and Lesbian Adults More Likely to Read Blogs and Use Social Networking Tools - I sincerely hope so! I've been at this thing for almost three years and my face, hair, and nonexistent social life have been suffering serious neglect.

Why Miss California really got fired - Parts 1, 2, and 3 - I know, I know. I am SUCH a tool. But this needs to be shown because you just know that NOM and company are going to make Prejean into a martyr:

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Me and my reprobate mind - responses to my column on lgbts of color

Tomorrow will be the last day that my column will be on the State newspaper's online EXTRA opinion webpage.

Surprisingly, the responses have been very positive.

I was given a lot of kudos for what I wrote. And many good discussions took place.

At my job, a lot of folks gave me support. Even those who may haved disagreed with my column respected me for being honest. It reminds me about just how limited folks are when they try to predict how African-Americans behave regarding lgbt issues.

The main thing is not religious disagreement but a lack of information. The fact of the matter is that many African-Americans are not educated about lgbts of color and the gay community in general. When we are able to break through that wall of ignorance, people will realize that black folks aren't monolithic when it comes to lgbt rights

However . . .

There is always some silly people who show their asses. And there was one in an AOL forum. I submitted my columns to several African-American forums on AOL, including a religious forum because I felt that this is a religious issue. This is the one response I received from a young woman:

I live in NYC.

See them every day, insecure and disgusted with themselves....

I don't need to be reminded.

My reply:

Well I don't know about New York but I know that if your own people are stabbing you in the back, you aren't inclined to feel good about yourself.

Still homosexuality is a black issue. And lgbts of color deserve as much dignity and respect as other facets of the black community.

Her two responses to me and another person who called her out on being so negative:

1. I was only concerned for a minute.

Go on to hell as you've decided to do.

If the LORD can't reach you, I can't either.....

And that goes for every confused unhappy homosexual practitioner who has turned away from GOD.

HE's turned you over to your own reprobate spirit.....

Have fun while you can.

2. My people are the people of the ONE TRUE AND LIVING GOD. Those are my brothers and sisters in CHRIST.

Homosexual practitioners are not part of that group.

My response to her nonsense:

Well you have a right to your belief my friend.

But until there is any holy book (Bible or otherwise) that say you sit on the right hand of God, I will think of your belief simply as your opinion. None of us are God so it is no one's place to condemn someone to hell.

This is the main reason why us black folks can't have a simple discussion on important issues like these.

Like I said before, we have to break through the ignorance. And it seems to be like horse manure in a stable - knee deep.

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