Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Governor Sanford, what are your opinions about gay marriage now?

I'm not even going to introduce it because I know you all have heard about Governor Sanford.

I'm currently dodging my mothers anger because when she told me about it, I offhand accused her of lying.

At any rate, my prayers are with Sanford and his family. But I wonder if Sanford feels the same way he did in the following interview:

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Wednesday midday news briefs

"Greet the Press", NYC Pride Event on Black Gays and New Media - The questions posed by this panel are valid. Just where are we in the media?

NC: Anti-bullying bill passes -- awaits Gov. Perdue's signature - This is EXCELLENT news!

Best letter to Obama on gay issues comes from a straight group - People for the American Way comes through again .

Governor Went to Argentina, Not Hiking - Not necessarily an lgbt issue per se but since it is talking about the governor of MY state (Mark Sanford), I want to include it. No one faults the Governor for taking a break but a. he should have told someone about it and b. why is he lying about where he went?

And now . . . crazy woman on Youtube.

The woman on the video below is Linda Harvey. I've talked about her so many times. But to recap, she is a former ad executive who became a Christian and started an organization (Mission America) to combat the so-called gay agenda.

In the eyes of the religious right, that makes her an "expert."

She believes the following about lgbts and children (yeah I know I am repeating this but she has never gone back from this declaration):

When people have views supporting homosexuality, they should not be involved with youth in any way, period. Because they:

will provide inaccurate, misleading information to kids;
may limit a student's opportunity to hear warnings about the behavior;
may advocate or model inappropriate behavior;
may be directly involved in the molestation of kids themselves;
or may be in a position to allow others to do so.

She also believes, according to this video of a speech she gave to Peter LaBarbera's group (Americans for Truth), that there is a conspiracy amongst the "religious left" to push a false dichotomy of Christianity.

And here I thought it was the lgbts who are plotting to do harm.

When Andy Warhol said that in the future, everyone will be famous for at least 15 minutes, it is apparent that he meant crazy folks too.

And Harvey can't take criticism either. She deleted my polite disagreement of her comments from her video as well as disabled the rating

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Wayne Besen tells truth about 'Washington crack pipes'

Activist and unofficial mentor of mine (unofficial because he doesn't know it yet) Wayne Besen wrote a piece that I've taken to reading at least once a day in the last few weeks.

It is basically telling the lgbt community not to be distracted by the situation with President Obama so much so that we forget other facets of our fight for equality:

Political discourse has become an aphrodisiac that has seduced our community away from equally important issues. Perhaps it is time we go into rehab and free ourselves from the Washington crack pipe. It is a cheap high that rarely lasts and often leaves us broke and unsatisfied.

We all wanted King Obama to sweep into office, wave his magic wand and make discrimination disappear. I really wish he would, but it is clear that he won’t – or at least not as quick as we desire. So, why don’t we pry ourselves away from DC for a moment and try using our resources in alternative ways?

Anyone remember AIDS?

Ever hear of the multi-million dollar ex-gay industry that pumps out reams of propaganda to portray gay people as sick and “sexually broken?” Few people seem to notice, even though these groups spread harmful myths and poisonous stereotypes that impact our daily lives.

What about increasing funds to help GLBT youths who are thrown out of their homes? Or, scholarships, so these teens can succeed in life and maybe one day run for Congress?

How about focusing on the abuses against GLBT people overseas?

The aforementioned issues will not get you on a Congressman’s speed dial. It is unlikely that you will win a sparkling trophy or have a marble bust made of your head. The cable shows may not be dialing you at a frenzied pace. But, you might have a disproportionately positive impact and even save a few lives.

As a part time blogger, I really can't get into the thick of things when it comes to Washington, President Obama, etc.

Also, my specialty lies with studying the religious right; looking at their tactics and exposing whatever lies they put out.

And suddenly I'm starting to feel as irrelevant as the religious right in an Obama Administration. True, organizations like Focus on the Family and the American Family Association and people like Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber seem to have less power.

But that doesn't make them any less dangerous. They still have the power to throw down roadblocks on the road to the lgbt community getting what we deserve.

So allow me to add a short addendum to Besen's very spot on piece.

Don't forget about the religious right. Don't sell them short and don't piss them away.

I certainly won't.

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