Friday, July 03, 2009

Know your lgbt history - Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is a brilliant comedian who has not really received his due but let's not forget how ugly his routine used to be.

In this clip (starting at .40 seconds), Murphy's comments about gay men and the audience's appreciation of those comments gives a perfect example of how just how far the lgbt community has come.

If some comedian would dare to say some this stuff now, he would be roasted.

Which goes to prove that so-called "political correctness" has its good points.

And by the way, I am not going to go into detail about that 1997 incident with Murphy being caught with a transsexual prostitute in his car. Nothing was proven and he was not arrested. Also, in all honesty, Murphy had already apologized for his nasty anti-gay humor long before the incident took place.

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Should white women be teaching children?

Because of the recent Frank Lombard controversy, the case of the gay Duke University official who is accused of raping his adopted 5-year-old son, the religious right and conservative pundits in general have been accusing the media of playing down Lombard's homosexuality due to political correctness.

World Net Daily has even accused CNN, the Associated Press,and ABC News of not even mentioning the fact that Lombard is gay.

Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage says that we must ask questions about these things (i.e. how much did Lombard's orientation lead to him being allowed to adopt the child) and not let homophobia dissuade us.

I say they have a point and this why:

Ranee Sue Proper, a 42-year-old former music teacher, was arrested for allegedly having sex with two students in a classroom. She was sentenced June 3 to nine months in jail and years probation after pleading guilty to one count of criminal sexual conduct.

Melissa Weber, a 27-year-old New York City social studies teacher is accused of having sex in her classroom with a 14-year-old male student. She was arrested May 28.

Jennifer Rice, a 33-year-old former Tacoma, Wash., elementary school teacher was found guilty on April 20 of having sex with a 10-year-old student and his 15-year-old brother.

Kelsey Peterson, a former Nebraska middle school math teacher, was sentenced on April 23 to eight to 10 years in prison for first-degree sexual assault of a minor. Peterson fled to Mexico with a 13-year-old student in October 2007.

Wendie Schweikert, a 37-year-old former South Carolina elementary school teacher, pleaded guilty to having sex with an 11-year-old student. In June 2007, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Debra Lafave, a former Florida middle school teacher, was sentenced to house arrest and probation in 2005 after pleading guilty to charges that she had sex with a 14-year-old student.

That's six recent cases of teachers having sex with minors. And what's the similarities between all six cases? These teachers were white women.

So why is the media downplaying this? There does seem to be a problem with white women not being able to keep their hands to themselves in teaching environments. If one case of a gay man molesting a child should warrant an outcry, then six cases of white women molesting children should warrant at least a 20/20 investigation.

And we shouldn't let political correctness keep us from asking crucial questions that may protect our children.

Questions like:

Aren't white women potentially susceptible to outrageous sexual behavior? There could be a point in this. How many black or Latino women do you see on those "Girls Gone Wild" commercials?

Aren't there more white female porn stars than any other ethnic group?

Look at Paris Hilton. She is a white woman. Would you want her teaching your child?

You know what . . . stop.

If you are still reading and are somehow angry at what I have just written, then you need to understand sarcasm.

The fact of the matter is that white women are not susceptible to outrageous sexual behavior and should not be judged as a whole on the behavior of those who have gotten into trouble.

And what Frank Lombard possibly did (he has not been tried yet) was wrong. It was vile and nasty. But any attempt to judge all gay men on him is equally vile and nasty.

No matter how it is spun, that is what the religious right and other pundits are trying to do. They don't see this case as a child being victimized.

They see it as an opportunity to get their agenda across. They see it as an opportunity to get some face time on places like Fox News or get some money sent in by naive folks who read and believe their drivel.

For ever one Frank Lombard, there are thousands of adopted lgbt parents who love, protect, and nurture their children to the utmost of their ability.

I happen to know a few.

In the long run, it doesn't matter what sexual orientation, gender, or ethnic identity Lombard is.

A child has been potentially hurt; scarred for life.

His well-being is the only thing that truly matters in this case.

Anything, and I mean anything that distracts from that should be dismissed.

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Friday midday news briefs

It's a slow news day so I figured I would get this out of the way. Also, I have a fraternity luncheon to attend (that's right - this little gay black duck was a member of a college fraternity).

But on deck for today's later installment of Know You LGBT History is a doozy. Trust me on that one.

Vaccine for HPV Effective in Men - Shhh! Don' t tell the religious right. It would devastate them.

Accusations continue in dispute over lesbian pastor's speech at Castro Valley school - This is a dumb lawsuit. Why is it when people hear that lgbts are making speeches, they think we are talking about sexual intercourse. And now they are trying to bilk the school district.

Pastor: Obama has no 'black experience' to speak of - Now One News Now is deciding who can talk about the "black experience." It is to laugh.

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Black gay men, AIDS, and no community support

AIDS is killing off black gay men and lack of lgbt community support may an unfortunate factor:

Black gay men have less choice when it comes to sexual partners than other groups and, as a result, their sexual networks are closely knit. These tightly interconnected networks make the rapid spread of HIV more likely. In a study1 looking at social and sexual mixing between ethnic groups in men who have sex with men, H. Fisher Raymond and Willi McFarland, from the San Francisco Department of Public Health in the US, show that social barriers faced by Black gay men may have a serious impact on their health and well-being.

. . . Black gay men are the least preferred of sexual partners by other races. Black men are perceived to be riskier to have sex with, which can lead to men of other races avoiding Black men as sexual partners. They are also perceived as less welcome in the common social venues of gay men in San Francisco. As a result, Black men are three times more likely to have sexual partners that are also Black, than would be expected by chance alone.

In the authors’ view, the combination of attitudes on the part of non-Black gay men, friendships and social networks that are less likely to include Blacks, and the environments found in gay venues serve to separate Black gay men from other groups.

So the personal ad phrase "no fats, no olds, no fems, no blacks" is now taking on sinister proportions. It's not that I'm passing judgement on people's personal dating choices. But it does go farther than that. The lgbt community can sometimes be consumed with the gay ghetto clique mentality. And as you can see, it's killing those who are generally not allowed to be in the "clique."

But hey, at least the black community supports us . . . when we seem to be at death's door. That's when folks make these lovely speeches about "it's not just a gay disease," and "let's not stop until we find a cure."

I got an idea - how about giving us a little support while we are healthy. How about not isolating us or making our lives seem dirty by using the word "lifestyle" like it's a pooper scooper.

So both the lgbt and black community have work to do. I can only hope the work gets done before too many lgbts of color suffer.

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