Friday, July 10, 2009

Know your lgbt history - The Choirboys

No words here. Just watch the monstrosity of these two clips from the 1970s movie The Choirboys. The clips aren't exactly of good visual quality but that's an improvement based on the subject matter.

If you think Bruno is bad, then you obviously don't know what bad is. Compared to this movie, Bruno is a David Lean classic.

By the way, there is one more gay character in this movie; a young man caught cruising in a public park. In an ugly scene, he is so weepy at the police station that the officer lets him go.

Then later, he returns to the public park where he is killed by an officer having a Vietnam flashback.

Thanks for the sour persimmons, Choirboys.

It just goes to show that no matter how bad we may think things are regarding lgbt representation in movies, it's much better than what it used to be.

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Friday midday news briefs

Congress Urged to Take Action Against Bullying in Schools - Keep your fingers crossed.

There was this mother whose son killed himself or something. But anyway, back to what I was saying about the evil gay agenda... - And hold your nose when you get a load of what Andrea Lafferty says about the bill. Lafferty runs the Traditional Values Coalition with her father Abraham Simpson . . . I mean Lou Sheldon.

Two men kissing kicked out of East Side Chico's Tacos - Cause you know when we kiss (even if it's a quick peck), we are really plotting the take over of the world.

Jackson Lee, NBJC, NAACP, Cong. Black Caucus Demand Investigation into Murder of August Provost - Damn right. This needs a HUGE investigation. It's good to see some of the African-American leadership on this.

Sign a 'gay marriage' bill, lose some luster - And now courtesy of One News Now is a lesson on how the religious right spin machine works. In Wednesdays' news briefs, I included a link showing Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council misleading poll on the popularity of New Hampshire Governor John Lynch. Now today, One News Now continues to push that inaccurate spin via a phony news article.

The Guardians Of Marriage - This is an excellent piece on Sens. John Ensign and Tom Coburn.

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Traditional Values Coalition attacks Kevin Jennings and . . . Tom Cruise?

I'm not trying to be overconfident about the Kevin Jennings situation, but I can't help but to feel a little less worried about Jennings being able to keep his job as Assistant Deputy Secretary, Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools at the Department of Education when the opposition pulls nonsense like the picture on the right.

The picture, by the way, is courtesy of the Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), the religious right group in California run by one Lou Sheldon. A perfect description of Sheldon would be termed as "Abraham Simpson on speed."

This lovely insult to Jennings, Tom Cruise (oh come on, was his last movie really that bad), and all taste and decency is accompanied by the reasonings as to why Jennings should be dismissed from his job.

The reasonings are the same batch of lies; Jennings is anti-religion, Jennings teaches children how to have sex, Jennings hides instances when children are molested.

The entire TVC report is an excercise in shrill lunacy such as the following:

Jennnings Wants Kindergarten Kids!

At a GLSEN conference in 1998, Kevin Jennings told his fellow gays that his dream is to promote homosexuality in public schools – even to kindergarten children.

That picture linking Jennings to the German Nazi Party via Tom Cruise's movie Valkyrie is merely the piece de resistance in a surfeit of silliness.

So much for the "hate the sin but love the sinner" Christian attitude.

It's been said that sometimes an enemy can be your best friend. Former President Bill Clinton can attest to this fact because it was the constant accusations of his enemies that served to desensitize the country and ruin the impact when they did finally get something dirty on him.

For us, it's folks like TVC. The lgbt community can always count on the group to go overboard with it's anti-gay hostility.

But do they have to make such ugly pictures? Tom Cruise looks terrible in purple.

He should sue.

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