Monday, July 27, 2009

Peter LaBarbera's pictures contradict his ramblings

Last week, it seemed that I had a Paul Cameron fixation.

This week may be shaping up to feature anti-gay figure Peter LaBarbera.

Last night, I talked about how he channeled a Paul Cameron factoid (i.e. lie) about homosexuality being more dangerous than cigarettes.

But what he did today takes the cake. I simply could not pass it by.

LaBarbera is known for going to subcultural leather events, taking pictures of the activities there, and posting them on his webpage in an attempt to generalize about the entire lgbt community.

That's why he is known as "Porno Petey" in some circles.

Far be it from him to disappoint us this year. He has just posted pictures from what is called "Up Your Alley," a street fair in San Francisco. LaBarbera made a point to post lots of pictures of naked folks and others engaged in lewd acts.

And included is his commentary about those "nasty homosexuals." This is a supposed acount of acts from a Americans For Truth volunteer who took pictures at the Fair:

As with previous sadistic street fairs, police non-enforcement was so lax that deviant, homosexual sex acts were allowed to go on in the streets as fair attendees passed on by. In his 50-minute stint, Ron photographed two oral sex acts at Up Your Alley - one in which a man “serviced” two men in uniforms, and the other involving two men engaged in fellatio directly in front of a booth. No action by either the police or a private “Folsom Security” staffer was taken against the law-breakers . . .

There is just one problem as I see it. Amidst the pictures is one that stands out - a naked heterosexual couple (don't click on this link if you have a low tolerance for grossness).

So why is this significant? Well to me, it underlines LaBarbera's anti-gay bias.

Look, I am by no means defending how folks behave at these street fairs but as I understand it, this event includes more than gay men walking around nude. As the picture I mentioned demonstrates, there were obviously some heterosexuals there acting unprincipled.

But yet instead of making a possible good point about lewdness in general, LaBarbera's commentary omits the heterosexual couple and goes straight for the gay jugular.

I've never been to one of these events and don't plan to go anytime soon. But fair is fair. And LaBarbera's attempts to attack gays for their behavior while giving heterosexuals a pass for the possible same behavior says more about him than it does about the people whose pictures are posted on his webpage.

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More influence of Paul Cameron's influence, trouble in Uganda and other Monday midday news briefs

More proof of Paul Cameron's influence - For those who would minimize the role of discredited researcher Paul Cameron on the lgbt struggle for equality, check out this clip featuring an elected official (with voting power) repeating Cameronesque lies:

Big hat tip to Jeremy from for pointing this out.

Uganda Parliament To Take Up Bill Banning LGBT Free Speech - And you thought things were bad around here.

Finally, Action on Gay Soldiers - It's about time.

Groups challenge domestic partnerships as unconstitutional - Oh they just want to "protect marriage" and that's it. Riiiight.

Maine court upholds IBM heir’s adoption of lover - I am kind of on the fence about this one.

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Take note, black community - THIS is what supporting your own looks like

From this weekend's Washington Post, a profile an lgbt-supportive black church and pastor:

Inner Light Ministries in the District's H Street corridor might seem like a traditional black church, with fiery sermons, electric gospel music, a soulful choir and a congregation that sways and claps in rhythm. But it is hardly that.

For 16 years, it has served as a sanctuary for a small community of black gays and lesbians who say they feel shunned from all directions -- by black men and women who give them cutting looks of disapproval, by mainstream black ministers who condemn homosexuality, and by white gays who make them feel unwelcome in subtle ways, such as switching from hip-hop to country music in a club when too many black men hit the dance floor.

At Inner Light, members say they can be themselves. In the pews on a recent Sunday, a woman adoringly placed an arm around the shoulders of her girlfriend. A man with a linebacker's strong build sat near the front wearing mascara. And condoms sat in a basket near the door in case any worshipers wanted to grab some on their way out.

If you ask me, we need more churches like this and less megachurches.

Huge hat tip to Pams House Blend for first featuring the article.

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