Thursday, July 30, 2009

Free Republic weighs in on Harvey Milk honor while I wait for the religious right shoe to drop

I'm a patient man and in the case of religious right wannabe backlash against Harvey Milk receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom, I know my patience will pay off.

I'm just waiting for the so-called main groups (i.e. Concerned Women for America, the Family Research Council) and the pathetic hanger-ons (i.e. Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Linda Harvey) to say something.

My guess is that they are trying to formulate some talking points or a way to make their disagreement with Milk's choice sound less homophobic.

In particular, they are probably going to try something a few of them attempted when the movie Milk premiered - connecting Harvey Milk with Jim Jones and the People's Temple. You will remember that the Jim Jones led over 900 of his followers to a mass suicide in Guyana, South America a few days before Milk was assasinated. Before that incident, Jones was heavily involved in San Francisco politics.

My guess is that we will all be seeing more innuendo scandalizing Milk's name before this thing ends.

In the meantime, folks at that lovely site, Free Republic, have interesting things to say about Harvey Milk's honor. And here I thought Thursday was going to be boring:

Obama is an airhead.

Sick people creating a sick Nation.

milk set about to “improve the world”

that’s a real stretch... bringing sodomy into the normal American experience improves the world? Why not include beastality? that’s also as anal intercourse!! When did Right and Wrong die?

obamanation is just that... a horrible obamanation against America

Instead of a medal it should have been a cutoff of all funds for AIDS treatment!

Milk already got the “medal” he deserved. From Dan White!

Hmmm giving a medal to a dead guy. Guess he won’t be there to pick it up.

Those comments move me . . . in an intestinal sort of way.

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Harvey Milk to get Presidential Medal of Freedom, religious right attack imminent and other Thursday midday news briefs

Harvey Milk to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom - A well-deserved honor but batten down the hatches cause you just know what's going to happen next. The religious right is sure to freak out.

Well as far as I'm concerned, to paraphrase Cameron Diaz in the Charlie's Angels movie:

Bring it on, bitches!!!!!!!!

For a full list, including Chita Rivera (alright!) and Billy Jean King,
go here.

Chicago event to honor gay veterans - They had better!

Mass Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Is Pro-Gay - This is good news!

Info on homosexual health risks squelched - It was just a matter of time before One News Now pushed Peter LaBarbera's Paul Cameron grafted lie.

The Rebirth of the Center for Reclaiming America - And speaking of that lie, it gets shot down by People for the American Way in the midst of a report about some awful religious right conference. As the article says, we should be hearing more from the conference attendees as time goes on.

Which is fine by me. Let's do this thing!

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Matt Barber's ignorance is a blast from the past

This clip is from an old "instructional video," Boys Beware and is laughable when one views it now.

But don't be so quick to laugh. While the accusations lodged by this piece of garbage isn't as overt as they are now, the implications by religious right groups regarding lgbts and children remain.

Yesterday's nonsense by Matt Barber reminded me of Boys Beware.

Barber is trying to rally anger against the company Home Depot for "daring" to provide venues for children at Pride events:

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel tells OneNewsNow the home improvement store is facilitating the exposure of children to sinful behavior.

"Out of some kind of notion of political correctness and being tolerant, Home Depot is contributing to all of this," he notes. "They're contributing to the corruption of children, and they need to answer for that."

Personally I approve of Home Depot's actions because despite Barber's hyperbole, the fact of the matter is that:

a. many same-sex families include children

b. not all Pride events fit the stereotype of half naked men and women running around in open areas dancing to disco music and bumping and grinding into each other.

Down here in Columbia, SC, we are proud of the fact that our lgbt festival is highly family friendly.

Barber's diatribe proves just how the religious right want to paint us into a corner when it comes to children. They are always quick to imply that we harm children but never address the fact that we are raising children.

Think about it. When folks like Maggie Gallagher and Barber talk about how same-sex marriage will hurt children, they never acknowledge the fact that lgbt families have children.

It's not an unintentional oversight.

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