Thursday, August 06, 2009

When the lives of lgbts of color are diminished by melodrama, we all suffer

By no means think that I am trying to advertise this hot mess of a video. But everyone needs to understand why it's so difficult to have a decent dicussion about the lives of lgbts of color in the black community.

When melodramatic bullshit like this is shown, any thoughts of having a concrete discussion goes out of the window.

J.L. King should be ashamed of himself.

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PFOX answers my question, Obama and the Advocate, and other Thursday midday news briefs

Regarding my post about Peter Sprigg's award nomination, PFOX has emailed me the name of the award it nominated him for:

The Montgomery County, MD Public School’s Award for Distinguished Service to Public Education

Which brings further accentuates the point of my post. Nominating Sprigg for this award is like giving a Grammy to one of those American Idol rejects. And I mean the really bad ones.

Exodus International Responds to the APA Resolution on Change Therapy - Guess who's not happy with the APA's decision on ex-gay therapy.

There are a lot of phone calls to make about ENDA co-sponsorship - Oh geez. I got DeMint and Graham. Who's got roots on me?

Details Emerge About the Estate of Author E. Lynn Harris - Miracle upon miracle! BET is talking about a possible gay issue. Granted it's about deceased author E. Lynn Harris and his estate but hey, it's better than Soul Plane.

Top gay magazine bemoans Obama - Top gay magazine The Advocate breaks from its schedule of celebrity stoking to criticize President Obama's inaction on lgbt issues. Pot, meet kettle.

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Freepers upset over APA repudiation of ex-gay mess

While the folks at the phony news service One News Now have been silent over yesterday's decision by the American Psychological Association that mental health professionals should not tell gay clients they can become straight through therapy or other treatments, the Neanderthals at Free Republic aren't at a loss for words.

I love those morons. Their comments always make very pro-lgbt victory even sweeter:

No one bats an eye when a straight guy goes gay but the thought of a gay guy going straight drives them bonkers.

Yeah. I’m actually in support of this. If we start normalizing therapy to change sexual orientation it’s only a matter of time until people start talking about straight to gay therapy for “repressed” children and adults. Or straight to a “happier, more natural, and well adjusted bi-sexuality” for people. I’d rather leave the lid on this bowl of fish and say that people should work this out for themselves without psychologists poking their brains.

The drive to normalize homosexual sex started with pressuring the APA (American Psychiatric Association) to remove homosexuality from their diagnostic manual. Homosexuality was correctly (in my opinion) described as an abnormality or disorder to be treated. The homosexuals are the ones that pressured the APA into removing it from their DSM.

The APA declaration is totally false and politically motivated.

you shouldn't support anything the APA advocates. It is a corrupt organization that spews out lies and non-science to back the gay mafia, who have taken over control of the agency.

The fact that homosexuals have changed orientation is a fact. Even the homosexualist, and closet homosexual, child abuser, Kinsey, stated that sexuality was fluid. It is all about sexual morality. Most homosexuals are emotionally damaged--either molested or/and mentally abused when a child--or complete pagan hedonists.

Do you honestly think that people who rape babies are "born" with that orientation? APA believes it is NOT a learned behavior..which is bullcr*p.

Primates, when denied their natural mother and a natural environment produce offspring, who not only are super aggressive and antisocial, they become sexually dysfunctional (think sexual deviants Gacy, Keppler, Dahmer, Roelm, Hitler, Manson, Kinsey, --it is endless..... Abusive parenting creates sexual deviancy. By advocating and encouraging homosexuality, you are advocating child abuse.

True, in Greek and Roman societies homosexuality was glorified as in many pagan societies...Plato even mused on the glories of man-boy sex, but without Judeo-Christian influence, that was the norm......and to think it isn't a learned behavior is absurd.

Editor's note - While it's usually my policy not to interrupt Freeper rambling, I must comment. I find it odd that this person mentions amongst examples of "sexual deviants" homosexual serial killers but conveniently says nothing about Ted Bundy, Jack the Ripper, the Yorkshire Ripper, Gary Ridgeway, or Harvey Glatman - heterosexual serial killers. Granted, this person's tangent is enough to suggest that he or she get some type of medication, I felt I just had to add that bit.

If you look below the surface of this report, the implications are outright disturbing. Homo-leftists will run with this proclamation to the max and will literally attempt a push for criminalizing such therapy. This will dovetail perfectly with their ever-earlier indoctrination of young children - effectively brain-washing them into a never-to-return condition. Homosexuality will be effectively mandated by law.

Why would a Christian advocate a pseudo-science that is pressured by political activists to change their labels, without relying on scientific facts or data to back up it statements..The APA lost me when they were taken over by the gay caving into the pressure of the militant homosexuals to take their lifestyle choice off of the mental disorder list proved it was not a scientific organization, but a political propaganda one.

I swear, you just gotta love "dem Freepers."

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