Monday, August 24, 2009

The Freepers want to see President Obama's 'manhood,' transgender woman fights discrimination, and other Monday afternoon news briefs

Freeper birthers want to see the wingwang of the POTUS - Help me, Jebus!

2 teens charged in beating of gay Portage teen - This has gotta stop!

The Gender Police Strike Again - I almost missed this story. It's a shame and a disgrace how some folks are treated just because some want them to conform to their stupid ideas of normalcy.

Utah Transgender Woman Takes Action Against Workplace Discrimination After Losing Job - Good for her!

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Anti-Obama article reveals depth of Christian corruption

Allow me to forego today's news briefs for the time being. Something I read this morning has been on my mind. And you know when that happens, I have to write about it.

Anti-gay phony news service One News Now has been doing all it can to help various groups derail President Obama's idea for health care reform.

But a recent "article" reveals more about the nature of One News Now and it's "Christian" audience than it does about the President.

The piece Healthcare for illegals part of Dems' plan, lays out the assertion that the President supports healthcare for illegal immigrants. The article does admit that Obama has said that his health plan does not support illegal immigrants.

But then the article says the following:

However, he also said during a radio interview that he has no problem with illegal immigrants receiving emergency room care in certain situations under his plan.

The article then quotes Congressman Spencer Bachus (Republican of course) taking the President and the Democrats in Congress for this position.

So the President thinks that illegal immigrants should be allowed to receive emergency room care in certain situations. What in world is wrong with that?

Would any self-respecting physician turn anyone away needing emergency room care? I don't think any physician would do this and I think that all reasonable people would agree with the position that anyone needing emergency room care should receive it.

But then again, this "article" is standard fare for One News Now.

One News Now articles generally aren't geared to showing both sides of an argument but to reinforce a position of exclusion.

And yet this news service is supposed to speak for the American Christian community?

So it's come to this. From "thou shalt love your neighbor as you would thyself," to the Good Samaritan stooping down to ask the man robbed and beaten on the lonely road his "legal" status before administering health care.

Really this isn't about the President's position, "illegal immigrants," or even health care in general. It's about how One News Now embraces an ugly form of Christianity in this country; a form that no one wants to talk about.

There is much spotlight on the most extreme nature of Islam, i.e. those who think that the religion advocates violence. And this is a good thing. However, I would like to see some attention devoted to just how some political/religious leaders have corrupted Christianity in this country.

Granted, they don't endorse violence, but their actions are insidious. They reduce Christianity to a coldblooded clique that embraces the desire to be the majority and also the desire to "take America for Christ."

This form of Christianity embodies megachurches full of precisely coiffed people in expensive suits who mistake wealth and position as evidence of God's favor rather than His grace.

It embodies having the "right" political and social affiliations, where people are brainwashed to think that there is a verse in the Bible saying "And Jesus said pick up your cross and follow me and I will give you a nice car, a nice house, 2.5 kids and a Republican President and Congress."

This form of Christianity not only embraces but encourages the use of the Bible as a weapon for passing judgement, explaining away blatant hypocrisies, and covering up lies told about various communities who are not the approved "chosen people."

It's this bastardized form of Christianity that gives all Christianity a bad name. If people have a negative view of the religion, it's not the fault of President Obama "illegal immigrants," the lgbt community or the other supposed forces of " Godless humanism."

It's the fault of organizations like One News Now and those whom the phony news service speaks to and whose causes it embraces.

It's time for One News Now and its allies (i.e. the religious right organizations, conservative bloggers, and various so-called pro-family spokespeople) to stop blaming everyone else for what they are causing.

The Bible itself tells Christians "no weapons formed against you shall prosper."

But it also says that "pride goeth before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall."

If you ask me, Christianity in this country has entered a freefall.

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Anti-gay Peter LaBarbera proves 'trash is as trash does'

This weekend, "our friend" and reliable anti-gay crusader Peter LaBarbera seems to be on a tear about the bisexual community. On his Americans for Truth webpage (which is the biggest oxymoron in the history of the world), LaBarbera is focusing on the recent BiSummit, which was held downtown in Chicago in conjunction with the 2009 National LGBTI Health Summit.

The purpose of the summit was to "shed light on the alarming health disparities this large segment of the GLBT community faces."

Unfortunately, in the hands of LaBarbera, the information coming from the summit as well as the summit itself will be used to bash bisexuals and by extension, the lgbt community as a whole.

A perfect example is his absolutely ridiculous (I'm sorry but that's the word that comes to mind) interpretation of the following sentence:

The day began with an overview of the current research on bisexual health. Research shows that bisexual people—who make up about half of those who identify as GLB—face huge health disparities.

Now to LaBarbera, that sentence gives him license to put out this headline - Half of Homosexuals are Bisexual: Homosexual Newspaper.

It's a total inaccuracy that's only enhanced by his intentional omission of the passage that follows:

According to bisexual health researchers Cheryl Dobinson and Stewart Landers, compared to both gays, lesbians and heterosexuals, bisexuals report higher rates of alcohol and tobacco use, substance abuse, depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, physical and sexual abuse and self harm, among other issues.

With LaBarbera, it's not even funny anymore how he will distort information in his crusade against the lgbt community.

No doubt he will take other information from the summit and twist it to suit his purposes.

And it's sad that in the hands of a supposed Christian, information gathered to help a community will be used to hurt it.

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