Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Proof that homophobes and racists aren't that different

This post is dedicated to Rev. Harry Jackson, Ken Hutcherson, and the rest who play the "gay rights" aren't the same as "African-American civil rights" game.

The argument about whether one can compare the struggles of the lgbt community to that of the African-American community will probably be an eternal one.

I've talked about the situation from many angles but I think I've nailed down one sure way to convey the fact that those pushing fear and hatred does not care if you are black, white, straight, or gay.

It's short and quick. If you blink, you may miss it.

First let's look at a handout from the racist group the National Alliance which talks about black men and HIV:

Now let's look at this lovely piece via the anti-gay group the Traditional Values Coalition criticizing ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act):

In the long run, it doesn't matter who had to ride in the "back of the bus" or who gets chased down a street.

As long as there are entities willing to exploit fear and stereotypes, we all suffer.

Are there any questions?

Editor's note - The Traditional Values Coalition is yet another anti-gay hate group as designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Harvey Milk is entering the California Hall of Fame. Get over it

Not everyone in California is happy with the news that Harvey Milk has been selected for the California Hall of Fame:

"Harvey Milk was a notorious sexual predator, advocated multiple sexual relationships at the same time, was a public liar, and is in no way a good role model for children," said Randy Thomasson, president of

In addition, Milk also squeezed the Charmin and pulled tags off of matresses.

Seriously, SaveCalifornia has created a webpage detailing Milk's "evils" in an attempt to get California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and state legislators to reject SB 572, the bill that would create "Harvey Milk Day" in California.

I personally hope that the bill passes, but to me it's no consequence whether it does or doesn't.

Milke will be entering the California Hall of Fame, an honor that will showcase him as an inspirational person in the history of the state.

In addition, Milk has already received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor.

So basically any nonsense that SaveCalifornia or Thomasson can think up to bash his legacy is irrelevant, ballast, cocktail canape.

Milk is an American hero and he has the honors to prove it. And no one can take that away from him.

End of story.

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Religious right shows Ted Kennedy no respect, Mark Sanford can kiss his job goodbye, and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Kennedy leaves 'sad legacy' on traditional values - From One News Now comes the notion of why should you show respect for those who have passed on when its more fun to be sanctimonious and self-righteous?

Young Gays in West of England Stand to Gain from Big Lottery Fund Cash Award - This is good news. I wish something like this would happen in the United States.

Florida's Gay Adoption Ban Headed to Appeals Court - Works for me if the state wants to fight this thing. I doubt they will be calling on George Rekers this time.

Split Decision on "Ex-Gay" Protections - Split decision my behind. PFOX lost this one and is trying to spin a victory out of this Bizarro-world style.

Anderson: Every Homosexual in the World is a Deviant Predator Who is out to Recruit Others Through Molestation and Rape - I get it now. If I just get on youtube shouting outrageous crap, I get media attention. Forget fighting for intelligent debate and truth.

Bauer: I won’t run in 2010 if Sanford resigns - Lt. Governor Andre Bauer is calling for SC Governor Mark Sanford to resign. Man, this has been an interesting summer.

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