Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Note to Christwire - You aren't exactly helping Andre Bauer

The rumor that SC Lt. Governor Andre Bauer is gay has elicited many responses, but none as strange as the one from the conservative blog Christwire.

I had to look it over twice to make sure that it wasn't a parody:

If You’re a Fantastic Pro-Family Republican, Does One or Two Same-Sex Encounters Really Make You Gay?

Another pervert internet blogger is throwing slander at the Republican establishment in an effort to turn a fantastic politician into the posterchild of gayness. The man taking the heat is AndrĂ© Bauer, the next governor of South Carolina when the current Luv Guv Mark Sanford resigns. Sanford, you may recall, is the lusty soul who pampered his South American female playmate with deluxe vacations, fancy dinners and the best hotel suites all on the taxpayer’s credit card. He was caught when he told his wife he was going on a hike and disappeared for a week, leading the National Guide to search the Appalachian Trial while he was secretly canoodling on a Argentinean beach in an unflattering Speedo. Well, Sanford won’t be much longer in the governor’s chair and his second in command, Lieutenant Governor is all pumped up to take his place.

That’s where flamboyant blogger with bulge of bias Mike Rogers toe taps in. He lubed his way into the national consciousness by bringing down idyllic Senator Larry Craig and wise-as-a-whip Representative Mark Foley. This week he has accused 40-year old Lt. Governor AndrĂ© Bauer of secret homosexual tendencies. But Bauer has an absolutely fabulous record defending the rights of families and Christianity. He has loudly opposed Homosexual Marriage, Homosexual Sodomy and Homosexual Adoption. He has profoundly defined marriage as between straights only. Not only that, but he has pushed for the words, “I BELIEVE” and the Christian Cross on South Carolina license plates, fought tax hikes and supported free-market capitalism at every turn.

So this all begs the question, does the accusation of one or two wrong-headed and furtive man-on-man encounters actually make you gay? Couldn’t it be a mistake? If you have a great record fighting against the gays, doesn’t it cross out a few moments humping a younger man against the wall of some hotel room? This debate is far from settled, but it is an important one for the conservative party today.

That was all I could read before I choked in a fit of laughter. You can read the rest if you want (God help you).

Just in case you are interested, other postings on Christwire are the following:

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UPDATE - Apparently Christwire may be a satirical site. If so, it's a damn good one! LOL

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Andre Bauer's supporters attack gay rumors, NARTH gets slammed, and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Bauer on defense after blog post makes bold claim - SC Lt. Governor Andre Bauer's friends and supporters cry foul over rumor that he is gay.

Iowa groups file formal complaint against National Organization for Marriage - Slowly the noose will tighten around the neck of NOM.

NOM made Iowa House race a test on marriage equality -- and NOM lost - How nice. More noose tightening.

Researcher Blasts NARTH Official for “Blatant Misquotation” - Well this perks up my day a little.

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From 'outside agitators' to 'wealthy gay activists' - Some of us black folks haven't learned a thing

Editor's note - I changed the title of this piece to further convey the depressive funk I've been under since the situation I am talking about in this post caught my attention. I know I am wandering into dangerous territory with the headline and the subject in general. I would sincerely hope those responding here and other places that this post may appear not take the easy road to offer polarized opinions. I hope I haven't.

I went to bed depressed Tuesday night and when I rose from my troubled sleep to post on my blog, my depression hadn't abated.

It got to the point where I was considering not posting anymore. I'm still halfway considering that option.

My mental malaise started when I was looking at anti-gay Stand for Marriage site emanating from Washington, D.C.

African-American pastor Harry Jackson and a coalition of other black pastors are trying to put to put marriage equality on the ballot in DC:

Jackson sent out a statement Monday stating that he and other opponents of same-sex marriage would file an initiative request with the elections board Tuesday.

If approved by the board, the initiative would give District residents an opportunity to vote sometime next year on whether to legalize same-sex marriage in the District. Jackson, who says he believes that most city voters oppose same-sex marriage, is hoping his proposal will slow efforts by the D.C. Council to legalize those marriages

. . . In May, Jackson filed a request with the elections board to hold a referendum to block the council bill allowing same-sex marriages performed in others states to be legally recognized.

The elections board, in a strongly worded ruling, blocked Jackson's referendum request. The two-member board cited D.C. elections law, which prohibits a vote on a matter covered by the Human Rights Act. The 1977 act outlaws discrimination against gays and lesbians and other minority groups.

Jackson has affiliated himself with the group Stand For Marriage, which seems to have the tendrils of the National Organization for Marriage all over it.

What has gotten me depressed to almost the point of exhaustion is the language used on the Stand For Marriage webpage:

Marriage Matters! With wealthy gay activists mobilizing all across the country to legalize homosexual marriage, there's never been a more important time to preserve and protect marriage in the District of Columbia once and for all.

I highlighted that phrase "wealthy gay activists" for a reason. It's a code word to the African-American community for "rich gay white men."

Black people have had to deal with negative code words throughout our entire history. From "outside agitators" to "welfare queens" to "reverse discrimination," code words were a way for enterprising exploiters to appeal to the lower instincts of people without being overtly racist.

Or in this case, homophobic.

In the same skillful manner white racists used code words to tell people that integration and giving the African-American community the right to vote would lead to destruction of so-called pure communities and the wholesale raping of white women by "big black bucks," Jackson and his group are implying that "rich gay white men" are trying to ruin marriage and, via osmosis, destroy the black community.

To make matters worse, one of the members of Jackson's group, Rev. Walter Fauntroy, was director of the Washington Bureau of Dr. King’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Fauntroy also served as D.C. Coordinator of the Historic March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963 and coordinator of the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights March in 1965 as well as the Meredith Mississippi Freedom March in 1966.

Fauntroy has no doubt had to deal with the ugly power of "code words" in the past. Not only that, but working so closely to King means Fauntroy had to work with Bayard Rustin, an adviser to King, the main coordinator of the 1963 March on Washington, and an openly gay African-American.

Harry Jackson is an opportunist whose desire is for fame and notoriety. Fauntroy should know better.

Whether Fauntroy is aware of what's happening with the language of the site is not know. But what is apparent is that some African-Americans are attacking the lgbt community via the same tactics that were used to deny them their rights not so long ago.

And if this isn't bad enough, ultimately these African-Americans will be hurting their own people, i.e. lgbts of color.

There is a saying that goes "those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

Jackson and his group, and especially Fauntroy, proves that there are some who intentionally put themselves in this situation.

It will be my blog's three year anniversary this Sunday and this situation with Jackson's group makes me realize that sometimes no matter how hard you try to do the right thing, nothing changes.

No matter how many times you try to right the wrongs in the best way you know how, some wrongs are never righted and on top of that, new wrongs are committed.

Pretty soon, you feel like a dog chasing its tail.

And no one should have to feel like a dog.

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