Thursday, September 10, 2009

Peter LaBarbera sinks so low, even I'm beginning to pity him

If Peter LaBarbera wants to know why he is losing credibility even with members of the religious right, then he doesn't need to look any further than his one-sided feud with blogger Joe Jervis.

A few days ago, LaBarbera ran a piece about the firing of actress Patricia Mauceri. Mauceri claimed that she was fired from the soap opera One Life to Live because she objected how her character would behave in a pro-gay storyline.

Yesterday, he took his "Mauceri is a victim of gay hate" factoid to an attack on blogger Joe Jervis, the author of the blog Joe.My.God.

Apparently LaBarbera put attention on some not very nice comments coming from readers about Mauceri.

Jervis got wind of it and posted something about LaBarbera. And now LaBarbera has posted something else about Jervis.

If that isn't bad enough, LaBarbera features a huge picture of Jervis while a picture of Mauceri clings on the edge like someone trying to sleep in the same bed as a mattress hog.

And it's not the first time LaBarbera has gone after Jervis, as this link demonstrates.

Notice how LaBarbera makes sure to describe Jervis in such illuminating tones as "Aethist homosexual blogger Joe Jervis" or "Leatherman Joe Jervis."

Peter, shouldn't this be about Mauceri and not Jervis?

I mean sooner or later, people are going to start to talk.

Now I'm not saying or implying in any way that LaBarbera has a thing for Jervis. But as you all can see, he does have a habit of veering off into strange territory.

Somewhere, Matt Barber is laughing his behind off.

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One News Now allows Matt Barber to make a fool of himself and other Thursday midday news briefs

Conservative Christian Furious That God Loves Gays - Far be it from me to channel the words of self-righteous anti-gays but if they have a problem with the fact that God loves us then their argument is with Him and not us.

White pride cesspooler calls Blend 'black pervert site' over criticism of Hank Williams, Jr. - One of my favorite online people, Pam Spaulding, is given a "dubious honor" by a hate site. I've been in an earring, wig snatching-off mood since last night. And this just makes my pressure go up a little bit more.

FDA Panel Backs Giving HPV Vaccine Gardasil to Young Males - Don't tell the religious right. It will just ruin their meme about gay men and genital warts.

The Right Finds a Prayer Rally It, For Once, Doesn't Like - Religious right hypocrisy on display.

'Judicial activism' alive and well at 3rd Circuit - One News Now must not like Matt Barber. That is the only explanation for this inexplicable article which seems to go out of its way to make him look like a bully. The article is talking about a case, which according to One News Now, says "A federal appeals court has ruled that an effeminate homosexual can pursue a claim that he was targeted for harassment on the job because of his mannerisms."

The thing is that the article does not even talk about the case, but allows Barber to pontificate in the ugly fashion like he usually does.

It's the classic case of letting someone cut his own throat.

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Some Freepers defend Joe Wilson with time-honored racism

Yes this is an lgbt blog, but it also a South Carolina blog.

And let's face it - in light of all that's happened recently in this state regarding the hypocrisy of those who espouse "family values," (hello Governor Mark Sanford) I simply have to comment on the latest embarrassment, i.e. Rep. Joe Wilson.

The immediate reaction is one of shock and outrage from both sides of the aisle over his verbal attack on President Obama during his speech.

However, at Free Republic (where they would find reasons to lock up Little Red Riding Hood but set the wolf loose), things are slightly different:

Did our President really lie? What aspect of Obamacare was the POTUS being less than forthright? Why was Wilson so compelled to make an outburst? Was he totally frustrated with the complex and ever-changing legislation, with the lack of communication with the Marxist-leaning Democrats? If Wilson was correct, then should you and your fellow Democrats explain themselves better and apologize to the American people?

And Joe Wilson was on the verge of a fund raising boom himself for stating the truth. I even saw one posting here linking to his fund raising site. Unfortunately, by apologizing, he will probably not now get that boom and is being denounced by both sides.

Wilson will reap $$$$ ten-fold over Miller when the donations are counted . Bout’ time someone stood up to this “ brown clown “ !

The apology: "While I disagree with the President’s statement, my comments were inappropriate and regrettable. I extend sincere apologies to the President for this lack of civility.” Not for calling him a liar. I have no problem with that.

He’s lucky the Obamunists didn’t have him removed from the room and shot.

No apology for calling a spade a spade.

Way to go, guys.

I hear that Wilson's challenger has benefited greatly from this controversy. In the long run, though, I doubt this will have a long-term effect on Wilson. To some in this state, he will probably looked at as a hero.

Also, when we elect national representatives in this state, we keep them like luggage. And you know some people just can't get rid of luggage, no matter how beat up and broken down it is.

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