Monday, September 14, 2009

South Carolina Pride rocked last weekend and I've got the pictures to prove it

South Carolina celebrated 20 pride Saturday and over 6,000 attendees marched through downtown Columbia, SC and settled in to Finlay Park for a day on fun, frolic and fellowship with recording star and former American Idol contestant Frenchie Davis, 80s pop diva Tiffany, and from Ongina from RuPaul's Drag Race.

It was a rousing success!

This will be the picture of the year. SC Pride President Ryan Wilson proposes to his partner on stage in front of SC Pride attendees. He said yes! And yes, the ring is (as a friend of mine would say) FAABULOOUUUSSSS! Joan Rivers would approve.

Who is that gorgeous black man at the end who has no idea how to hold a sign. Next year, South Carolina Black Pride will be riding a float, even if we have to commandeer one!

Frenchie Davis turned it out!

Other pictures:

To see more pictures, go here and here.

To see media coverage and videos of the event, go here.

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African-American gospel singer comes out, gay adoptive dad gets federal help, and other Monday midday news briefs

WATCH: Gospel Star Tonex Confirms Rumors and Same Sex Attraction - Those crickets you hear are from the black gospel community.

Stand For Marriage Maine: The ties they wish to hide keep getting more binding!- Supposed Christian people want to hide their dirty ties. Go get 'em Jeremy!

Gay adoptive dad gets help to receive subsidy - This is good news indeed!

Nadler to unveil DOMA repeal bill Tuesday - Rep. Barney Frank does not agree with how it's being done. And personally I respect his opinion. Please, no hyperbole of "Barney Frank sold gays out." The swiftness in which some of us like to get the knives out is not necessarily a community saving grace.

Obama lied, his credibility died - Not necessarily an lgbt article per se, but it is written by LaBarbera's replacement (that's his new name) Matt Barber. There is a line in this piece about Obama and Chappaquiddick (the scandal with Mary Jo Kephecne's death that haunted Sen. Ted Kennedy until his dying day) that illustrates the phoniness of those who oppose lgbt rights. No doubt Barber thought he was being amusing. He comes across as disgusting. But he is what passes for Christianity in America these days.

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