Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rhode Island governor to gay couples - you have no right to choose your partner's funeral arrangements

Regardless of what one feels about marriage equality (i.e. gay marriage), the actions by Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri is just wrong. It's meanspirited. The law has nothing to do with marriage so I don't necessarily see how it needs to be put up for a public vote. Why don't we just take it farther and vote on whether or not these folks should be buried at all.

It just highlights the hypocrisy of many of those against marriage equality:

An opponent of same-sex marriage, Governor Carcieri has vetoed bill that would have added "domestic partners'' to the list of people authorized by law to make funeral arrangements for each other.

In his veto message, Republican Carcieri said: "This bill represents a disturbing trend over the past few years of the incremental erosion of the principles surrounding traditional marriage, which is not the preferred way to approach this issue.

"If the General Assembly believes it would like to address the issue of domestic partnerships, it should place the issue on the ballot and let the people of the state of Rhode Island decide.''

The bill, also sponsored by state Sen. Rhoda Perry and state Rep. David Segal, would add "domestic partners'' to the list, in current law, of people who can legally make arrangements for a deceased person's funeral, cremation or burial to include domestic partners if the deceased person left no pre-arranged funeral contract.

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LGBT blogs should beware of the trolls and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Peter LaBarbera: The Liberty Counsel Has Called The FBI Over JMG Commenters - While this furthers my opinion that LaBarbera has a "jones" for Joe Jervis, it is a good lesson for those who post comments on lgbt blogs. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE watch what you say. There are folks trolling our blogs looking for comments to manipulate.
Man fired for advocating traditional marriage - Mark your calendars for this date. One News Now tries to walk back from the claim that Peter Vadala was fired for "merely" declaring his Christian opposition to marriage equality. The article mentions that letter of termination that clearly says Vadala called his fellow employee "deviant." Naturally the article hasn't posted any of the comments it has received. Feel free to post comments (I have) BUT BE NICE AND CORDIAL!

MSNBC anchor in Twitter fight with anti-gay church that picketed Obama kids’ school - Tasteless group picketing President Obama's children's school. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Carrie Prejean: Standing Up For Conservative Women - More proof that Carrie Prejean is a hypocrite. Mercy this is too easy. Oh well at least she is laughing while on the way to the bank. And all it cost her was her integrity.

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Carrie Prejean and Sean Hannity kiss the god of hypocrisy

I rarely look at Sean Hannity but his interview with Carrie Prejean is unbelievably ridiculous.

There are a few things I would like to point out:

It was a seven minute saccharine lovefest. Hannity did everything but kiss Prejean's feet. Maybe he should have pretended she was Kevin Jennings.

Prejean does address the sex tape controversy, making sure to term it as something she did for a boyfriend whom she "loved and cared about."

Next time, she should send cash.

And of course she continues to play the victim. The same line about how "the left isn't showing tolerance" is throughout this interview.

Prejean conveniently forgets that a lot of us on the left, including a lot of lgbts, supported her right to free speech and we felt that Perez Hilton went too far in attacking her.

However, we know a phony when we see one and when Prejean sought to extend the 15 minutes of fame afforded to her by Hilton's nonsense, that's when many of us began to part company with her.

Prejean's decision to align herself with the National Organization for Marriage irregardless of her duties as Miss California and her tacit approval of how the right was trying to canonize her is the main reason that a lot of folks are not taking her seriously.

It's a lesson that many should remember - don't put yourself on a pedestal if you have feet of clay.

And while she continues to make the conversation about herself, what about the countless lgbt couples who are the true victims of Prejean's pursuit of fame; the ones who don't make the speeches to phony pro-family groups or get to be interviewed on national news programs.

The ones who are denied relationship protection partly because of the false images she is putting out there. It seems that no one gives a damn about them and that's the real shame.

Lastly, Prejean says she is so proud of the book because it is the first one she wrote.

No offense, but if girlfriend wrote one word of that book without a ghost writer, then I'm Kim Kardashian slumming.

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