Saturday, November 28, 2009

Family Research Council caught in a big lie, Matt Barber picks on 10-year-old, and silly anti- Adam Lambert protest

I am just reposting some of the most interesting posts from this week: 

Family Research Council caught falsely accusing Congresswoman of religious bigotry  - If only the lgbt community could muster up such force to make the Family Research Council own up to all of the times it cites Paul Cameron as well as the many times it distorts legitimate studies to spin false images of our community.

Lesbian mother wins custody case against 'ex-gay' former partner - Watch out for the religious right barrage of nonsense to come crashing down regarding this case. It has been their cause celebre for a long time.

One News Now readers revolt against Matt Barber's attack on 10-year-old - It could be just wishful thinking on my part but it seems to me that Barber's comments has crossed a line that many readers of this supposed Christian publication wished he didn't.

Phony moralists show true colors with anti-Adam Lambert group: - Hollywood is pretty much all a bunch of homo's spreading their gay ideaology while hatin on Christians! (It's awful to be insulted by someone who can neither spell nor is aware of the basics of good punctuation) 

AFA tries to sugarcoat the end of its embarrassingly premature boycott against GAP - However it is nice to note that while everyone else is settling down to eat turkey this Thanksgiving, the AFA will be dining on crow.

Charleston, SC City Council pass non-discrimination ordinance - To me this is like finding money in your pocket when you think you are penniless. While attention may be focused (sometimes too focused) on places like Maine and California, we shouldn't forget that lgbts exist in all states of the country and our fight for equality should be on more than one front. . . See what you can get when you work together.

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