Thursday, December 31, 2009

My last post of 2009 starring Barney Frank and Rachel Maddow

2009 was a busy year - busy, tiring, and in some ways annoying. I intend to recap the year with my 2009 Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters Misinformers of the Year awards (coming this weekend).

However for now, I am going to wish you a Happy New Year and leave you with two of my favorite memories of 2009 courtesy of Barney Frank's very satisfying destruction of a someone comparing President Obama to Hitler and Rachel Maddow's even more satisfying destruction of so-called ex-gay Richard Cohen.

Don't party too hard tonight:

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Jenkins/Miller custody case, Rick Warren's problems, and other Thursday midday news briefs

Missing person report filed for child - The Janet Jenkins/Lisa Miller case gets sadder and sadder. We need to pray all involved.

The Purpose Driven Schadenfreude - Is it the usual push for donations are is Rick Warren's group really having financial difficulties?

Oregon High School with Ugandan sister school plans protest against Uganda's gay genocide bill - And yet again the children shall lead them.

Argentina hosts Latin America’s first gay marriage - Boom!

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Attacks against Kevin Jennings becoming sad parodies

Though the noise has faded a bit, members of the right are still attacking Obama appointee Kevin Jennings.

I've been pretty much ignoring the new attacks because they have gotten stupid.

The right-wing site Big Government has continuously attacked Jennings with a series of  National Enquirer type articles filled with bad innuendoes and lies.

And the site makes sure to give each attack the clever name of "Fistgate (choose your number here), making reference to the original attack on Jennings, i.e. that he supposedly taught children how to "fist" - a charge that has been continuously refuted.

Now you will remember the huge ado about the suggested reading list that GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network - the group that Jennings founded) had suggested for students.

That's the reading list which contained some books with mature themes; so much so that GLSEN advised that adults peruse the list of books and make choices regarding reading material for students.

Well the website Big Government isn't letting  the pseudo controversy over the list go without putting it to good use. The website seems to be intent on taking every book from the reading list, outlining some of the most graphic material, and then presenting what it found as a "new controversy."

Choices from the suggested reading list have been the basis for several recent "Fistgate" "articles."

We are up to "Fistgate 13," the most pathetic of them all.