Friday, January 29, 2010

Janet Jenkins/Lisa Miller case gets Nightline treatment and other Friday midday news briefs

Janet Jenkins/Lisa Miller case featured on ABC's Nightline

Youth Radio: Young, gay and homeless - Let's not forget our lgbt children in our rush for marriage equality and the repeal of DADT

Union school board backs book - Some good news for Friday.

Republican U.S. Rep Mike Pence: marriage equality will result in societal collapse
- Mercy!

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1 comment:

bogenrim said...

Yet another example of a conservative running away from personal responsibility. Funny how cons are good at preaching to others about it, but can't seem to own up to their own responsibilities. Feel free to obey the law, while you're at it (as I understand, SCOTUS declined to even hear the case). Here's hoping Janet is soon reunited with her daughter...