Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Hate groups, fake proms. bad interviews and other Tuesday afternoon news briefs

Matt Barber: I Know You Are But What Am I? - Americans for Truth is an officially designated hate site. Deal with it, Matt Barber. It really couldn't have accomplished that without you. 

VIDEO: CNN’s Kyra Phillips’ Awful Interview with Richard Cohen - What the hell is this hot mess? Richard Cohen getting taken seriously? 

He who 'sins us' vs. sense as it pertains to us - Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council claims that counting gay couples in the census adds up to false data. Well they would know about false data, wouldn't they? 

McMillen: I Was Sent to Fake Prom - Coldhearted, hateful mess.

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Ed Walker said...

A UU church in Ipswich, MA got attacked early Tuesday morning multiple times by unknown persons wielding molotov cocktails. It if hadn't been a gay-friendly church, we know MassResistance would have wasted no time blaming the evil homosexuals. The church escaped any damage from the attacks.

BlackTsunami said...


I am glad to hear that the church escaped any damage. Please keep me posted on this and could you provide the links?

Ed Walker said...

The Boston Globe covered the attempted UU church bombing in Ipswich, MA (a nice seaside town north of Boston).


The local Ipswich paper is probably going to provide the best continuing coverage: