Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Irony alert! Janet Porter dropped from VCY America

For Janet Porter, the hits keep coming.

According to People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch, she has been dropped from VCY America, which carried her daily radio program, because of her "increasing involvement with dominion theology." VCY America's Vic Eliason reportedly said Porter had been warned about this sort of thing on more than occasion. He also said:
Because of the long standing of Faith2Action on VCY America, which has provided satellite services, air time, production, and line fees without charge, we know there will be many who will question its discontinuance.

VCY has been wrestling for months with the drift of the program toward "dominion theology" and ecumenism.

The following links bring up articles which describe the issues in detail

The Coalescing of the Religious Right with Apostolic Dominionism
May Day Prayers: What Repentance?

This has not been an easy decision, but a line has been crossed that VCY America cannot ignore. Faith2Action has chosen to go in a direction that is not consistent with the biblical position of VCY America.

This announcement comes at the heels of a huge flop of an event, "May Day 2010: A Cry To God For A Nation In Distress," which Folger was in charge of. She and other organizers expected close to 8,000 attendees, but only a few hundred showed up.

Dominion theology, by the way, is the belief that Christians must take over world institutions in order to create conditions that would lead to the return of Christ.

Porter had espoused this belief not only during Saturday's failed event but also earlier during a prayer in which she demanded that God give Christians control of the media.

The irony of her being dropped from VCY America proves one thing - the Lord does move in mysterious ways.

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1 comment:

David Martindale said...

as some one who frequently called her hour of hate a several occasions to call hr on her nonsense I have to say I'm delirious that this bigot is no longer able to have a daily outlet for her diatribes