Tuesday, June 15, 2010

McDonalds CEO ruins good pro-gay moment and other Tuesday midday news briefs

How Not to Advertise Burgers: McD's CEO Turns a Gay Molehill Into a Culture War Mountain - The CEO of McDonalds turns a pro-gay moment into something INCREDIBLY stupid.

Tilted 'Slate' - A demonstration on how slyly members of the right try to make their studies seem objective.

Philadelphia: Scouts should confront anti-gay rule - The Boy Scouts have every right to let in who it wants, BUT it shouldnt' have access to public money or facilities if it continues to be discriminatory. Lgbt tax dollars do into funding those facilities.

Freddie Ljungberg addresses gay rumors - This is hilarious!

The stupidest statistic ever - How the heck did I miss this one?

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1 comment:

Jason said...

Re: McD "gay" ad.

I am glad that this ad is not airing in North America. I don't see how this ad will "improve" the situation of LGBT. I argue that the ad only perpetuates what is supposedly "normal" in society and that that norm is "hetero, white, christian, and male." Anything outside of that is not "as OK" or just plain "wrong."

I blogged about it today. Have a read if you're interested.