Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Another perspective on the Dan Choi controversy and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Again, when the Prop 8 decision is handed down, this post will probably go on the memory dust heap. Bear with me because when it does come down, I will be at work. I will comment on it when I get home. But until then . . .

Between Floating and Leeching: The Financial Struggle of the LGBT Activist - I HATE lgbt internal strife and do my best to avoid talking about it. But this situation with Dan Choi isn't going away. Still, I sometimes with the lgbt community would follow the lead of the black community in having a reluctance to put their/our business out in the street.

WND: Anti-Gay Hate Groups "Can Enrich Any Neighborhood" - Let's play a game, boys and girls. How many Paul Cameronesque lies can you find in this World Net Daily monstrosity.

Want to Win? Get Back to Basics - Words of wisdom from Wayne Besen, one of my inspirations for creating this blog.

The Anti-Gay Litmus Test? - An interesting article which makes some good points.

Gay book pulled at library, activists stage protests - They have my full support.

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Mike Tidmus said...

>>>How many Paul Cameronesque lies can you find in this World Net Daily monstrosity.

Someday the gays will have to get around to establishing some legal and political organizations that will defend the gays against libelous and slanderous attacks based on fabricated evidence.

Anonymous said...

Nice job - I am straight father of two that found the moronic arguments that the homophobes used to discriminate against other fellow citizens were outright anti American and unconstitutional! Great Win -