Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yet another study confirms same-sex households and other Tuesday midday news briefs

NYT Writer Demonizes LGBT Bloggers and Serves As Apologist For Ken Mehlman - Poor Ken Mehlman. Whatever happened to the good old days when and in the closet can exploit his own people for politicial gain AND get away with it?

Travesty of Justice - Whether folks agree or not, Rev. Eric Lee makes some good points on the disconnect in the lgbt community when it comes to their own people of color.

Children raised by gay couples show good progress through school - To the surprise to no one with common sense of course.

NOM blatantly appeals to homophobia - You mean they haven't been before?

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gaylib said...

I'm sorry, but Lee is full of shit. He rails against the "white Male" dominated LGBT organizations, then fails to give any example of what he's talking about. His only examples are those that HAVE reached out to other minority communities (and he glaringly missed Get Equal, which has been at the forefront of integrating diverse voices into the movement--and speaking out against any discrimination, including the Arizona immigration law).

Furthermore, he mentions several times reaching out to the black community to garner support. That instead of messaging to them, we should listen to their concerns. Umm, no, that's bullshit. We don't negotiate with bigotry. We don't do it with the mormons, or the Catholics, and we shouldn't with any other community that is against our equality. I will not be held responsible for another's bigotry, I don't care what color you are.

Finally, Lee's admonition reeks of the kind of patronizing lecturing that is typical of homophobes who want to tell us how we should go about achieving our equality. Well, thanks, but no thanks.

BlackTsunami said...

Hey Gay Lib, while I understand your point of view, your tone seems to be highly defensive, which is a huge problem when it comes to understanding this problem.

Both sides have good points but let's not get the fists up before listening to each other.

I also think you may not have a good point with Get Equal because there has been a problem even there with lgbts of color getting heard.

From my point of view, as an lgbt of color, both communities are like a couple in the middle of a nasty divorce. They snipe and slice at each other so much that they forget the people in the middle, in this case being lgbts of color.

Whether both sides want to inaccurately separate their experiences or not, the fact that lgbts of color exist should always remind both communities need to stop thinking of themselves as autonomous. They aren't.