Monday, October 04, 2010

Blogger takes a nasty shot at Tyler Clementi

If this doesn't tick you off, check your pulse:

That tweet is by Bob Owens, conservative blogger and Washington Examiner contributor.

But really this isn't a situation about conservative or liberal. It's one of common decency.

Tyler Clementi killed himself because he was humiliated beyond belief. Seems to me that we need to focus on solutions so that our children, whether they be lgbt or straight, are not put into a position where they feel the need to end it all.

That would be the decent, human thing to do.

Instead, Owens seems to taken advantage of the situation to be ignorant and self-righteous. His First Amendment right is immaterial. Owens certainly has a right to say what he feels. And I have that same right to call him an inconsiderate, hateful dumbass.

Hat tip to Media Matters.

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Inspector13 said...

we need a national kick a right wing nut job in the nutz day. i swear i could really just deck some of these people and i am totally non violent and a pacifist.

Dave in Northridge said...

I just went to his blog, and now I feel like I need a shower. I just don't understand how obstinate stupidity -- REAL stupidity -- works.

The Shaman Of Hedon said...

I'm....... sorry..... but he's right. Tyler wasn't relentlessly constantly bullied and harassed at school like the children who committed suicide before him, he was embarassed by aa admittedly cruel prank. He was embarassed and overreacted in the most extreme way possible. And while the media and GLB-no-T organizations are foaming at the mouth demanding blood for Tyler over something that at worst legally equates to maliscious mischief, another black trans woman was murdered less than two weeks prior to Tyler's death and less than 30 miles away and I don't hear any of the major media or leading gay groups screaming in rage demanding Carmen's murderer be brought to justice or the police and coroner be held accountible for their completely unprofessional and insulting ungendering of yet another dead trans womkan.

Because in the eyes of assholes like Joe Solmonese and his like, a gay white man who took the stupid way out because he was embarassed is a tradgedy, but another murdered black tranny isn't even a fucking afterthought.

I'm sorry Alvin, but Tyler DID make a stupid choice. Carmen was MURDERED. Talk about Carmen and give Tyler a rest.

BlackTsunami said...

Sorry Shaman,

while your point may be taken, I think you are playing into a game. Both Tyler and Carmen are victims. The mistake you are making is one you are accusing others of - making light of one death in comparison to the other.

You have a point in terms of lack of attention when it comes to Carmen's murder but Tyler's death, to me, is equally awful. No one should have to be put in a situation where they feel that suicide is the only answer. Neither Carmen nor Tyler should be forgotten.

Tennessee Guy said...

Shaman, just to add something to what BlackTsunami said, I’ve read elsewhere that, based on where he took his life, Tyler Clementi may have gone home first, and that trip home may not have gone well. This is purely speculative, but I think it’s important to remember that there’s probably more to Clementi’s story than what we’ve heard so far. Maybe he wasn’t relentlessly bullied, but clearly there was something that led him to a drastic, horrible decision. We simply don’t know.

We also shouldn’t make value comparisons between one person’s death and another. If we compare them at all it should only be to give them a context that will, hopefully, help us understand future cases better.