Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Paladino don't like gays but he loves gay money and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Being out sick on a day when all sorts of interesting things happen is not my idea of fun. Oh well, you have heard all of the good stuff (i.e. DADT, Florida and gay adoption) so here is some new stuff:

Paladino Rented To Gay Clubs, Son William Paladino Operated One - He thinks we are bad people but hey, we got money too.

Family “Research” Council Gets It Wrong On LGBT Mental Health - The Family Research Council's Tony Perkins was able to present a column in the Washington Post in which he pulled more of his anti-gay deceptions. The only thing is that he got caught big time by Box Turtle Bulletin and the commentators under his piece.

A University Professor Making Prejudiced, Transphobic Statements About Trans People's Civil Rights - Read this piece because it illustrates a huge roadblock that will be used against ENDA.

A Teachable Moment: Pro-gay parent activists? In Alabama? - An excellent story.

Jackson, ADF Take Fight Against DC Marriage to SCOTUS - Gotta love their chutzpah.

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