Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Record number of lgbt candidates elected to office in mid-terms and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Record number of gay, lesbian candidates elected to office - While the phony grassroots movement called the Tea Party basks in all of the attention, let's not forget that the 2010 mid-terms was a record breaking year for lgbt candiates. Congratulations to all who ran and the victors, especially David Cicilline who became the fourth lgbt member of the United States House of Representatives. Let's get some more and then start a caucus!

Unprecedented: Iowa voters oust three judges over gay marriage ruling - But let's not get too happy. The National Organization for Marriage spearheaded this travesty.

D.C. Leads in Gay, Mass. in Lesbian, Households - Remember this for the times when the opposition wil try to imply that we don't have families. And in this climate, they will.

Fight Back PAC Declares Victory (Updated) - Meanwhile, we whipped ass in New York

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Norma said...

What is phony about Tea Parties being grass roots? Is George Soros behind this too?

BlackTsunami said...

Someone watches too much Glenn Beck. Name me one grassroots movement which was paid for by secret groups and promoted by a major news network? THAT is what happened with the tea party movement.