Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's the deal with the religious right and gay sex anyway?

This nonsense from conservatives and the religious right about the DADT repeal "forcing heterosexual men to shower with gay men" has me thinking. What is the deal with the religious right and "gay sex" anyway. Truth be told, I wish I was having as much sex as they accuse gay men of having:

"One study determined that homosexual males have from between 20 to 106 sexual partners per year. It's no wonder that homosexual men account for over 50% of all hepatitis cases, and still account for over 50% of all AIDS cases despite the fact that they only make up 1-3% of the population." - The Gay Agenda vs. Family Values, Matt J. Barber
"Fidelity is almost unheard of in homosexual relationships; the average number of partners for each person is eight. These relationships are not open--they are wide open. A homosexual publication, The Advocate, reports that 57 percent of its homosexual readers claimed they had sexual relations with 30 or more partners. Twenty-nine percent of their readers had anonymous bathhouse sex. A 1991 study of homosexual men in New York revealed an average of 308 sexual partners per man." - Supremes Ruled Wisely: Arizona Can't Afford Same Sex Marriage, The Arizona Conservative

An article in USA Today in November 1984 reported that homosexuals have an average of 50 different sexual partners each year. - Offering Hope to Homosexuals -

"Homosexual activists claim their lifestyle, which in some cases includes thousands of sexual partners, should be sanctioned, protected, and granted special rights by society. Would you critique this stance?" - a biased question on the Focus on the Family web page

I have an idea. Why don't they just show the following:

Idiotic, isn't it? Trying to reduce the lives of millions into fevered thoughts of sex acts is the very height of idiocy. But it's a tactic which has served the so-called Christian right well on many occasions.

You will remember that they claim to oppose ENDA and other anti-discrimination laws because it might lead to "men dressing up as women and harassing ladies and children in locker rooms and restrooms."

These tactics are not rooted in logic, but fear and prejudice - two very un-Christian characteristics.

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Jim Hlavac said...

Whenever I hear from heteros about our allegedly rambunctious sex lives I have only two words for them -- Tiger Woods. I mean really, now. Not to mention any college jock sowing wild oats. And the licentiousness of TV! And I ask, where do all those teen pregnancies come from?

Oh, I think gay folks haven't been nearly aggressive enough on the offense, and we play defense way too much. I don't defend gay folks, don't need to -- I attack the hetero immorality which abounds, while quoting Bible and themselves.

I also point out to them that if they had spent a moment telling gay boys that they'll grow up to meet either Prince Charming or Cowboy Joe rather than be sex crazed lunatics then we gay boys might have grown up to settle down and get a picket fence ourselves. But, I tell them, you can't keep telling gay boys that they'll grow up to be men who frequent bus station bathrooms and not expect that that's what you'll get. That's their "teaching homosexuality" I tell them. And I inform them, "Why don't you play yenta and introduce me to the man of my dreams, instead of kvetching I'm destroying civilization by doing the laundry or something."

And then it's "There's no fairy tales for fairies" -- and let me tell you, it's time we got some.

It's fun, really, to wade into the Republican, Tea Party, Catholic, Evangelical, Conservative and Right wing websites and do battle -- which I do daily.

And let's not forget the strongest political statement for gay folks by any mainstream politician ever uttered -- by Conservative Icon Barry Goldwater, in 1994 even -- "You don't have to like it, but gays deserve full constitutional rights including marriage and military service." No one, Democrat or Republican, has ever come out on our behalf like Barry. Even better, he said, too: "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." To torture those against us, I do change it a bit -- "Extremism in the defense of vice is liberty." Heads pop. Good.

I just bring you these stories to give you some Christmas Cheer. Having happened upon your blog this very day, I love it. Thanks, Merry, Cheers.

WMDKitty said...

I still say the religious right is led by closeted homosexuals who are obsessed with all the gay sex they've denied themselves.

Mykelb said...

I have to say, I have observed that the so-called xtian right are grown ups who haven't grown up. They are still childish in their own minds thinking that they can tell others how to live without regard to our law, the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and subsequent SCOTUS rulings. It's like they are living in some evangelical fantasyworld with sheets over their heads and guns in their hands. They are disgusting creatures who would kill their own mothers for five minutes on Hardball.