Saturday, January 23, 2010

You know you are doing something right when they attack you like so . . .

To the owner of this blog:

The way you get over your fascination with homosexuality is to stop sucking on other men's penises and allowing them to poke you in your Nasty Bacteria and Feces filled Ass!

That's how you get over it!

I got that message from an anonymous commentator in California who seemed to be upset that I "dare" call attention to pastor Miles McPherson's deception in trying to link homosexuality and pedophilia and also his cowardly attempts to quietly backtrack when his claims became public.

The anonymous commentator didn't try to defend McPherson or refute anything I said. He just came on spouting all sorts of ugly nonsense.

I guess when someone like McPherson tells lies, why should we be surprised about the immaturity of those who support him?

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