Saturday, May 08, 2010

Free Republic not happy over the George Rekers escort scandal

I'm so wrong for this but I couldn't help myself.

I just had to see what the folks at the rabid right-wing site Free Republic were handling the George Rekers escort scandal.

And it's not good, at least for them. Many of these comments came out when it first broke but in all honesty, many didn't believe any of Rekers's explanations for a second. And you know if you are a right-winger and the folks at Free Republic won't defend you, you are in trouble.

But let's look at some of the most interesting comments gleaned from two posts about the situation:

Typical liberal media lies. From what I've heard, Rekers hired the guy specifically so he could counsel him *against* the lifestyle choice. The homosexual community goes nuts every time someone successfully leaves the lifestyle so they are targeting Rekers. The fact that Rekers used to be a homosexual only lends credence to his expertise - because who would know better the dangers of those people than someone who experienced their degeneracy.

. . . Dr. Rekers is an acknowledged expert (worldwide) on the dangers that homosexuals pose to adoptive children. He was instrumental in preventing predatory homosexuals in Florida from getting their hands on young, vulnerable kids (eg Jesse Dirkhising). The bottom line is that Dr. Rekers poses a tremendous threat to homosexual militants, so they are making up lies about him.

This guy has the lamest excuse (lies) since Ted Faggart.

There’s no evidence at all that Rekers was cruising some homosexual website. He can’t be held responsible for what this idiot kid was doing on his free time any more than anyone knows what an employee does.

Sounds like a setup.

Do gay activists stalk anti-gay activists to see if they are secretly gay? Does regularly give out its client list? I’m just saying how do you go from seeing a dude in an airport with another guy to finding the other’s guys listing on and getting a photo of them together?

It doesn’t hurt the conservative cause so much as it gives demons a tool by which they can prevent sexual degenerates from seeking the help they so desperately need. The tragedies are on an individual scale rather than a movement scale.

He used to be a homosexual? Maybe he has relapses from time to time.

Doesent sound like they have a smoking gun, as it were

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Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper covers George Rekers escort scandal

With appearances on Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper's show the George Rekers escort scandal has officially blown up:

And here s what my buddies at Midweek Politics Radio had to say (referencing my Huffington Post article on the controversy):

I sincerely doubt the weekend will diminish this story's flight. Come Monday, Rekers will still be on people's minds.

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