Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Family Research Council's anti-gay ad backfires

I've written extensively on the situation in Holland, MI involving the anti-gay Family Research Council and the fraudulent ad the organization paid to be published in the Holland's local newspaper.

The ad, which cited FRC-created pamphlet, The Ten Myths About Homosexuality, was the organization's attempt to speak against the city's broadening of its anti-discrimination ordinance to include the gay community.

Now I am glad to report that many of the residents of Holland, MI aren't happy with the ad, nor are they silent about their anger.

On Facebook is the group Holland Is Ready where residents of the city and others who support lgbt inclusion are interacting as well as passing along information.

And in the Holland Sentinel, the newspaper which originally ran FRC's ad, is a plethora of letters to the editor all voicing opposition to the ad.

Lastly, anger over the ad has caused its co-sponsor, Request Foods, to disavow the ad:

. . .the listed co-sponsor of the ad, Request Foods, said on Friday that it did not support the effort to stop the ordinance and should not have been listed in the ad.

"The ad was paid for by one [investor] without our management team's knowledge or permission," the company said in a statement emailed to FoxNews.com. "The opinions expressed in the ad do not reflect Request Foods' views and the ad should not have included our company name."

I don't know about you, but any day that FRC's homophobic efforts blows up in the organization's face is a good day.

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Rachel Maddow takes on anti-gay Amtrak lie and other Tuesday midday news briefs

I talked about this Family Research Council lie a while back. It's nice to see someone on a larger scale of attention challenging FRC on it.

CWA Spokeswoman at NOM Rally Claims Banning Gay Marriage Will Help Economy - Just so you know that the Family Research Council doesn't corner the market on anti-lgbt distortions.

Prop 8 Report: The “Danger To Children” Theme Proved Decisive - Nothing says success like pulling the "gays want to harm children" card.

Former Suburban School Chief FIRED For Being Gay, Panel Finds Evidence Of Discrimination - PLEASE tell us again how lgbts don't need ENDA.

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The interview the National Organization for Marriage shouldn't want you to see

Brian Brown and the National Organization for Marriage are always claiming that they are "unfairly under attack for merely defending the idea of marriage." But the above video is what happens when Brown is asked simple questions about his position. He doesn't get violent nor hateful. But he dodges with the dexterity of a teenager playing dodgeball. It's pretty embarrassing for him and his group.

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