Thursday, October 07, 2010

Shocking new video by Breitbart rocks the White House

A scandal has rocked the White House and the Obama Presidency through a videotape pushed by Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe.

The video allegedly shows the president urinating in some undisclosed bathroom, shaking himself once and allegedly not washing his hands.

You may remember that Breitbart is the owner of several blogs, including Big Government, where he daily exposes the Liberal Illumnati out to destroy America. Breitbart was recently tricked into pushing a distorted video of a government worker, Shirley Sherrod, falsely claiming to be racist to a white farmer.

It was later discovered that Sherrod was the one who sent Breitbart the distorted video in an attempt to scandalize the work he does against the liberal agenda.

O'Keefe was the young man who exposed the organization ACORN for the communist thugs they were by dressing up as a pimp and exposing how they defraud the government.

The videos were successful in exposing ACORN's agenda until a secret cabal of liberal attorney generals conspired to claim that O'Keefe had doctored the tapes.

This liberal cabal was also responsible for framing O'Keefe on a charge that he tried to interfere with the telephone system of U.S. Senator Mary Landreau and also had a hand in framing him in a attempt to discredit CNN by trying to trick correspondent Abbie Boudreau to have sex with him on a boat.

According to Breitbart, he and O'Keefe put the video out there to expose the nasty elements of the Obama Presidency in retaliation of not only the unfair branding of tea party members as racists, the planting of racists signs at tea party rallies, but the mind control techniques used by the Obama Administration to make tea party participants create the signs and carry them.

Reaction from the conservative media was swift.

Fox and Friends had a diverse group featuring right-wing columnist Cal Thomas, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, and Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America.

All of the three agreed that Obama was secretly assuring that homosexual community that he still would pursue their agenda.

The show also featured a urologist who really didn't have time  to talk about the video because everyone, the urologist included, was busy complimenting Gretchen Carlson for searching google to discover what the word "urologist" meant.

Sarah Palin's ghost twitterer voiced her displeasure at the President:
"Once again, President Obama has demonstrated how he is unlike regular Americans. Everyone knows that all American men use two hands to shake their whatchamacallits."
Palin's tweet had to be rewritten because it misspelled "whatchamacallits."

Glenn Beck had a very interesting discussion on his show with Dinesh D'Souza and Newt Gingrich, although neither could agree on whether Obama shaking himself once had anything to do with Saul Alinsky or his "Luo Tribesman father."

Megyn Kelly had shocking new information that didn't need to be corroborated by anyone other than herself that President Obama was at the New Black Panther Party headquarters when he was using the bathroom.

Liz Cheney of the organization "Keep America Safe" also blasted the President:
"The nonchalant way the President shakes himself emboldens the terrorists. If he can't be seriously concerned with eliminating all of his water, how can we be sure that he can be serious about protecting the country?"

In an unusual first, Rush Limbaugh participated with Michelle Malkin in a panel on Sean Hannity's show where they both blamed Michelle Obama for the president's one handed shake. The other panelist, Pam Geller, said Obama was secretly signaling Muslims that he was for the alleged "Ground Zero Mosque."

Hannity said that the video has him conflicted. He said he couldn't decide whether President Obama was a demonic monster or a monstrous demon.

Bill O'Reilly had someone on his show but the person was not identified because O'Reilly kept talking over him or telling him to shut up.

The White House had no comment about the alleged video but according to the site Politico, a White House insider claimed that the video left some things out.

"Of course the President washes his hands after using the bathroom," the insider said.

Editor's note - Just in case someone tries to be stupid, what was written is what one calls satire.

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Online bullies make fun of recent suicides and other Thursday midday news briefs

Tasteless online bullies makes fun of recent lgbt youth suicides:

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper.

In other news:

NJ Senator Calls For Anti-Bully Law After Rutgers Suicide - Well it's about time.

FRC: DeMint So Right In Wanting Gays Banned From Classroom We Don't Even Have To Defend Him - Speechless.

Straight people are hurt by homophobia too - The piece speaks for itself

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Chris Armstrong speaks out about attacks from Andrew Shrivell

From AC360, University of Michigan student Chris Armstrong finally speaks out on the campaign of harrassment waged against him by Assistant AG Andrew Shrivell

Hat tip Joe.My.God.

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