Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Anti-gay Congressman resigns after sex scandal and other Wednesday afternoon news briefs

Brochin reconsidering stand on same-sex marriage - Will wonders ever cease? Homophobia actually backfires in Maryland.

Antigay Rep. Chris Lee Resigns- Guess who caught being naaaasty? This is going to be THE hot story for a while.

Guess Who's Coming to CPAC? - This CPAC battle  between Republican gays and the religious right is so much fun to watch.

More CPAC hijinks:

FRC Infuriated That CPAC Will Host Pro-Gay Rights Presidential Candidate

CPAC Boycotters Kick Off Anti-Gay "Full Power Conservativism" Campaign

Norquist: CPAC Boycotters Just a Bunch of "Loser Organizations" Looking For Some Press

Video: It's my party and I'll define conservatism how I want to

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