Friday, February 11, 2011

Is GoProud about to be stabbed in the back and other Friday midday news briefs

GOProud undeniably won one. But what about 'one-two? - I don't really care for GoProud but it's obvious that they are about to be shafted here. Come on now - yesterday conservative blogger Erik Erikson whines that GoProud is being mean to other conservatives. And then the head of the group sponsoring CPAC just happens to echo Erikson's mess. Typical game-playing from some of those on the right.

Colorado: officer resigns - posted hundreds of racist, homophobic comments on news sites on the job - As an lgbt of color, that makes me feel sooo safe.

Mills 'tracked by armed cops for being gay'
- How very NOT SURPRISING. Homophobes in Uganda try to have an international journalist arrested for "being gay."

Dallas Couple Meets at ‘Ex-Gay’ Ministry and Marries - This awesome story is an excellent way to end today's news briefs

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