Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Research Council has no sense of logic and other Friday midday news briefs

Family Research Council's "The Top Ten Harms of Same-Sex 'Marriage'" Defies Logic - Just when did the Family Research Council and logic ever mix?

Peter Sprigg proves the Family Research Council to be a hate group (again) - And here is another piece about that FRC pamphlet written by yours truly.

Man Charged in West Village Hate Crime Says He's No 'Bigot' - I'm sure he feels that he isn't a bigot NOW. But that night when he acted as if he was got him into trouble.

Maryland Bi-National Same-Sex Couple Avoids Separation - Nice to see some good news today.

Gay couple hotel appeal withdrawn - Just in case religious right groups try to squeeze new lies from this old case, here is some clarification.

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1 comment:

Mykelb said...

What kills me is that the LGBT community is forced to pay taxes to subsidize the bigots, Mr. Sprigg. You can't have things both ways, either exempt us from taxes and keep our second class citizenship, or we pay taxes and reap the same benefits as the rest of America.