Wednesday, May 04, 2011

NOM accuses gay organization of declaring a 'jihad?' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

A 'jihad,' Maggie? Really?! - Jihad is such a strong word, Maggie Gallagher. For shame. First mingling with birthers and now this. Actually this came before the birther association.

Down to the Wire for Josh & Henry: ICE Refuses to Terminate Deportation Proceedings, Citing DOMA - This ain't good, President Obama. Don't allow this to happen.

Gay Mormon Comes Out on The Voice - You have to admire his moxie.

The Utter Horrors of Gay Parenting - Strap Peter Sprigg down and make him look at this.

Manhattan commissioners to vote on repeal of discrimination ordinance
- Oh come on folks! Voting to repeal a non-discrimination ordinance?

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The Red 9 said...

The jihad comment is enlightening in some ways. The boogeyman that they brought out every time they wanted to scare people is now dead. They need something else to create fear now and we're next in line. Put your seats in crash position everybody, it is only going to get worse, at least in the short term.

Mykelb said...

So what is the equivalen Nazi word for "jihad"? Crusade?