Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'NOM called out on hypocrisy' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

For Children of Same-Sex Couples, a Student Aid Maze - If receiving student aid is this much of a problem, just think of the other problems children in same-sex households have to deal with. You see this is what NOM and the rest of the religious right and their phony victims want to take attention away from - real victims of discrimination and prejudice.

NEW YORK: State GOP Senator Rips NOM's Hypocrisy Over Campaign Donations - Sen. Grisanti calls out NOM's lies.

Story to Watch: Va. Residents Show Support for LGBT-Inclusive Adoption Measures - Good for Virginians!

Black and Transgender: A Double Burden - Kudos to The Root for running this very important piece.

Fox Host Attacks College For Voluntary LGBT Application Question - The way Fox News misrepresented this situation should serve as a warning to the gay community. Imagine a highly-watched news network aggressively pushing anti-gay half-stories and homophobic guests. Fox isn't doing it with the fierceness it is using to undermine President Obama. But imagine one day if it does.

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