Thursday, November 17, 2011

CA court rules that Prop 8 supporters have a right to humiliate themselves again

No doubt we have all heard the ruling by the California Supreme Court today that the defenders of Prop 8 have a right to defend the law in court.

Prop 8, for the uninitiated, is the ballot initiative which outlawed marriage equality in CA. It passed via a referendum in 2008 and was struck down in 2010.

And now those who are for it, after trying to make California government officials appeal this decision, are trying to defend Prop 8 themselves.

Today's decision said that they can appeal the 2010 decision which overturned Prop 8.

And I am all for today's decision.  After all, we all remember why they lost last year.

Let me remind you.

They had no case. At the very best, their case was weak. Many of those pushing for the law demurred when it came to testifying as to why the law was needed. They only could get two witness. One, David Blankenhorn, under cross examination made the case against Prop 8. Also, during closing arguments, proponents of Prop 8 said that they didn't need any evidence to prove their case.

So to me, all of the religious right folks rejoicing over today's ruling is the equivalent of a football team celebrating their only touchdown in the closing seconds of a game in which the other team has already scored 20 touchdowns.

We all know how this is going to end. The final decision on Prop 8, and thus the final decision on marriage equality, is headed towards the Supreme Court.

I know it. You know it. And most of all, those defending Prop 8 knows it. The following comment was lodged by Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage, an organization heavily involved in the passage of Prop 8:

“With this victory in hand, it is time for the Ninth Circuit to move the Prop 8 litigation forward to its eventual decision by the US Supreme Court,” Brown said. “We fully expect the Ninth Circuit, the most overturned court in America, to invalidate Prop 8, finding some phony right to same-sex marriage in the US constitution. However, once this case gets out of San Francisco and reaches the US Supreme Court, we fully expect to be victorious.”

Victorious you say, Brian? Not with the sorry defense your side has lodged thus far.

We are all anxious to see if you can do any better. And we doubt that you can.

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'Nurse removed after alleged anti-gay charges' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Farah Blames Penn State Scandal On Growing Acceptance Of Homosexuality - As perverse as it is to say this, the fact that these morons have been dancing around in their attempts to connect the gay community to the Penn State tragedy is an indication of how far the society has come. It used to be that they would have made the connection in no uncertain terms and right out of the box.

After Antigay Charges, VA Nurse Removed from Patients - Sounds like a phony victim who NOM won't be canonizing any time soon.

116: Number Of Transgender People Murdered In 2011 - Folks, this ain't good.

Tell a lie long enough and it…no, it's actually still bullcrap - Geez, NOM. Are we really wearing you down so much that you can no longer lie with any finesse?

When Conan O'Brien Married Us on Live TV - Awesome post from a happy couple. Hope they have a long future together with much happiness.

People of the Year: The Out 100 Picks - The Advocate picks its 100 people of the year and guess what little black blogger from Columbia, SC didn't make it? The meanies! Seriously though, congratulations to those who did.

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The religious right never wants to talk about same-sex families

You want an idea of what's wrong with some folks when it comes to gay issues, check out this tantrum by minister Matthew Hagee:


Hagee - We are at a tipping point when the Church can watch the homosexual agenda be advanced in public schools and we sit back and whine about it. Recently the California legislature decided that homosexual history in America will be taught to kindergarteners; that will be happen next year in California. And the Church goes, ‘Oh, that’s so sad.’ No, it’s shameful. It’s shameful that the homosexuals can get a curriculum in the public schools and the children of God cannot. It’s shameful when they will work tirelessly, when they will act relentlessly, when they will not stop until their will is pressed upon the majority, and we the children of God who are called to be salt and called to be light will whine but we won’t overcome. You need to know the Church was not put on this planet to whine, we were placed here to win.

It's so easy to inflame people by implying that children "being taught how to be gay." Of course the bill, SB48, isn't as dire as Hagee makes it out to be. But why explain things in a truthful manner when you can get a better reaction by appealing to their ignorance, fear, and sense of entitlement all at the same time?

Mostly though, it's all about entitlement. When those in the religious right whine about the so-called gay agenda corrupting children, particularly in public schools, they always omit the fact that gay children attend public schools and that same-sex families have children attending public schools. They always omit that both of these groups deserve lesson plans which speak to them and their family situation.

And let's not be naive. That omission is intentional.

To Hagee and the audience which applauded his drivel, it will never be about us. To folks like Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, and Rick Santorum, the idea of family never includes us. And to organizations like NOM and the Family Research Council, ideas about improving marriage and family has nothing to do with our needs because to them, we are "pretend families."

When they rail against us, they are merely throwing tantrums because we aren't buying into their idea of  entitlement. And we should never. 

One more thing. The last time I checked, lgbtqs are also children of God. Apparently Hagee not only wants to excise the gay community from our rightful place in society, but also our rightful place in God's eyes.

Hat tip to  Right Wing Watch.

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