Tuesday, January 03, 2012

NOM thrilled with Santorum's momentum

By tomorrow morning, the Iowa Republican caucus will be over and my head will stop throbbing from overkill.

The big story seems to be Rick Santorum (who probably never met a same-sex relationship or family he approved of) is moving up in the polls. I refuse to say "surging" because that term has been overused as it is.

It's looking like this uptick is due to Romney still making folks uneasy and how Santorum appeals to the so-called evangelical crowd.

And the one group who seems to be thrilled for Santorum is the National Organization for Marriage. Check out its last five posts:

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Don't be fooled by NOM's "Santorum fever." He is clearly the flavor of the month (like Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, etc.,etc). Regardless of how he does in Iowa, it will be his single moment in the sun.

And when Santorum's moment is up, count on NOM to slink to the candidate in the lead while omitting it supported anyone else.

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fritzkep said...

Well, the idea of santorum surging from behind is hilarious, albeit disgusting. Sort of like the candidate himself.

Anonymous said...

While I am let down with the people of Iowa for giving him enough vote to be so close to winning there, I do hope the frothy mixture gets the nomination. It would be hilarious to see how bad he would be beaten in the national election.