Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Prop 8 supporters too scared to testify, too bold to whine after the fact

Why didn't Maggie Gallagher testify at original Prop 8 trial?

In celebration of today Appeals Court ruling against Proposition 8, I was going to write something uplifting about the perseverance of the lgbtq community.

But I decided not to.

For one, I am sure that there are so many others who are going to be dwelling on that subject. For another, based upon the reactions coming from the religious right, I feel that another direction is in order, i.e. a missive directed to Maggie Gallagher, the National Organization for Marriage, the Family Research Council, and all of those other folks whining about today's ruling.

This missive would have included Mitt Romney because of his negative words today. However, seeing that it is Mitt Romney, I figure a week from now will find him supporting the ruling.

Maggie Gallagher sent out the following twitter message:

Meanwhile, others such as the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, etc. have sent out the usual junk about "unelected judges," "activist judges," "redefinition of marriage," and all of the other hyperbolic mess we have come to expect from them.

But here is my question and it's relatively simple.

Just where were these folks when the original trial was taking place last year? Why didn't any of these folks testify as to why Prop 8 was needed? Remember, the pro-Prop 8 side could only find two witnesses and both did a poor job defending the law. One witness, David Blankenhorn, inadvertently made the case for the anti-Prop 8 side?

Where was Gallagher, Brian Brown, Peter Sprigg, Tony Perkins, or any of these other folks who put so much work in getting the law passed? Gallagher's tweet alleges that seven million people voted for the law. However amongst those seven million, only two witnesses could be found?

Who are they kidding?

All of this outrage after the fact is bogus. It's a diversion and a pitiful one at that. It's an attempt to obscure a basic fact.

And that basic fact is that Proposition 8 was built with deliberate lies that Maggie Gallagher, Tony Perkins, Peter Sprigg, and the rest of those pushing it were too fearful to defend in court.

None of these people - not one - had the guts to stand up in court, take an oath, and attest to the veracity of the claims they made regarding what allegedly would happen should marriage equality become legal in California because they knew that the lawyers attacking the law - David Boies and Ted Olson - would call them out and reveal their deception.

So Maggie dearest and the rest of you folks, please stop whining. You are not fooling anyone. You dug this hole yourself so you have no reason to cry out when the dirt comes in to bury you.

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AnonyGrl said...

To be utterly fair, there is no way that Cooper would have ALLOWED any of them to be cross examined by Olson and Boies. Putting Maggie or Brian on the stand would have killed their case on the spot. So I am sure it was a tactical decision to have all those folks making noise outside, where there is no need not to lie and dissemble, rather than on the stand, where one cannot.

Tor said...

Thank you, Alvin. I believe it was Olson who said, "the witness stand is a lonely place to lie." They know their side has nothing but lies to stand on. I don't doubt that Olson or Boies could have gotten Maggie to pull a "Blankenhorn," or do some other damage to their argument. These people clearly do not have the courage of their convictions.

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

That was great! I have gone down the lists of both groups and it is all yada yada yada.
Thank you for pointing that out.I will pass it along at

truthspew said...

I think the reason you're not seeing Slaggie or the rest of them testifying is because they know they don't have a leg to stand on.

Even Brian Brown admitted today that they knew the appellate court was going to find against the Prop 8 proponents.

LOrion said...

Good piece Alvin, sharing also Here is header I am posting to Prop8 pieces.

TO NOM and all other religious-based bigots.
(Also if tweeting use NO4M that is their 'insider secret' hashtag)

Go ahead spend the money to fight this
... now we have rulings that you have to reveal ALL DONOR names!
... the more you spend the easier it will be to overturn DOMA!!
‎….and just how many of your friends and family members, and your childrens friends and families do you really want to hurt!

David said...

Why didn't Maggie testify during the trial? That is the million dollar question isn't it? This is a woman who has written books about marriage. She has dedicated her life to the cause of "protecting marriage". Who could possibly be a better witness than a marriage expert that has argued countless hours on TV about how same-sex marriage is a threat to tradition marriage, families, children and society? Only a coward would shirk their civil duty, and possibly go down in history as the one person that could save marriage for all of mankind. It seems clear that Maggie cares more about making money than marriage. Otherwise she would have had the courage to put her convictions on the witness stand for all to see.

knowitall-not said...

I'll agree with Maggie's Twitter post, 7 million Californians are bigots.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that they don't want to win. As soon as they do they are out of business. They will do everything they can to keep this out of the SCOTUS so they can keep collecting the money!

Prospero said...

No Maggie, what the 9th Circuit Court is saying is that 7 million people got duped by hateful bigots like you.