Friday, April 27, 2012

'15 African-American Clergy Oppose North Carolina's anti-family amendment' and other Friday midday news briefs

Meet The “Legal Experts” Supporting North Carolina’s Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment - Looks like the forces attempting to push that awful Amendment One in North Carolina have been caught lying about their "legal experts." It's not a new tactic. The National Organization for Marriage did it last year when attempting to keep marriage equality from coming to New York.

15 Interfaith African-American Clergy Oppose North Carolina’s Discriminatory Amendment - All of those folks who give the African-American community hell on the subject of marriage equality should pay attention. This is huge.

Maine's 'marriage protectors' fighting publicly; anyone else want popcorn? - Meanwhile, the folks attempting to keep marriage equality out of Maine are engaging in a knock down, dragged out fight . . . with each other.

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Sponsor Complains That His Bill Is Misunderstood - This explanation should be epic.

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