Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day of Silence vs. 'Day of Dialogue'

This year, GLSEN's Day of Silence will be held this Friday. And to combat it, the religious right are attempting to do something different. Rather than have the event opposing Day of Silence (it used to be called Day of Truth but they have renamed it as Day of Dialogue) after Day of Silence, the religious right is having the event a day before.

Fair enough. But let's be clear about something. The Day of Silence was created to create a dialogue and an  understanding of what many gay youth go through every day in our nation's schools.

'Day of Dialogue' is merely a sad way to combat Day of Silence. There is no dialogue going on nor any truth. It's just an event created by adults who concern themselves more with their false claims about the gay community rather than ensuring that all of our children are safe.

But enough of me talking. For a more to-the-point view, let's compare PSAs.

First there is "Day of Dialogue"

And now, let's look at the Day of Silence (Editor's note - this is a PSA for last year's Day of Silence. This year, the Day of Silence will be held on April 20) :

Which is a genuine attempt to combat a problem and ensure safety and what's a sad attempt to undermine something positive?

You tell me.

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JesterKatz said...

All right, a couple of things about the DoD video:

1. Note that the video's comments are closed. (Granted the dialog is suppose to be at school, not online, but it's not very promising)

2. The spokesperson states that DoS is "to promote what [LGBT teens] believe to be the unchangeable nature of homosexual behavior". Disregarding how you can "promote" someone to have sex with the same gender, which it apprently intrinsic, by saying nothing (her logic), DoS is a silent protest regarding anti-gay bullying. She can't say that, of course, the Good Christians™ are the real victims here: it's against their religion to not be able to call someone a fag, then they won't be able to go to heaven. (If anyone can offer a better explain to me how treating gay people like human-beings is "anti-christian", I'd love to hear it).

Know what though? they want a "Day of Dialog", I say let them have it: Students should go to GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project, and see the kind of dialog that goes on.
A reminder: Most of the people on the CAP list complain that they're being scilenced.