Thursday, April 12, 2012

'Gays compared to iceberg which sank Titanic' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Father Ryan Refuses Anti-Gay Petitions, Calling Them "Hurtful and Seriously Divisive" - A Catholic priest REFUSES to push anti-gay petitions on his congregations. This is a much needed story to remind folks that it's not the Catholic community which is attempting to undermine lgbtq equality. The leadership is.

Religious Right Marks Anniversary of Titanic's Sinking by Exposing the 'Iceberg' of the 'Radical Homosexual Agenda' - Because apparently gays sank the Titanic. I wonder how these folks celebrate Bastille Day.

Meet Romney’s Pro-Marriage Equality Donors - Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council will probably "love" this.

Maggie’s double-speak on same-sex adoption - Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization for Marriage is being two-faced about gay adoption? Is there any lgbtq issue that this woman is NOT hypocritical about?

Michele And Marcus Bachmann's 'Ex-Gay' Clinic's Practices Described By Undercover Lesbian Filmmaker - Guess who got caught again?

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Simon said...

Perhaps we should try to see how many people we can get to dislike this you you tube video :)

Daniel said...

The hate does take a toll. It gets me down. What's up with these people? Don't they have other things to do? Why can't they look into themselves, and see that THEY are a challenge to peace and prosperity, and why cant THEY work on creating opportunities for the disenfranchised and poor, and help with sick and homeless people? If anything, they must be driving good and loving people AWAY from christianity, which in their version is the religion of lies and hate.