Wednesday, April 18, 2012

'Religious right defends criminalizing homosexuality (again)' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Religious Right Defends Criminalization of Homosexuality with Warnings of God's Judgment for 'Sexual Paganization'- Stuff like this is why gays get so angry. I mean putting people in jail for being gay? And Richard Land can't talk after the plagiarism scandal he just got caught in.

Don't get so angry that you don't study the words and the names of the people involved in this video monstrosity. You see some of these folks (particularly Michael Brown and Peter Sprigg) like to claim that gays are "intolerant" against Christians. When they push that line, I suggest that we throw this video up in their faces . . . every chance we get.

In other news

Catholic Priest Receives Standing Ovation For Shunning Anti-Marriage Equality Petition Drive - And he is one of six who will not team up with the madness in the preceding post.
Anti-Gay Extremists Teaming Up For Washington Marriage Fight - You should read the pedigrees of these folks. They are simply nuts! 
Openly Gay Candidate Brian Sims Victim Of Vicious, Lying Smear Tactics - Just plain nasty.

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1 comment:

Chris said...

Let's break down the tape.

5s-13s - No, we're not saying "homosexual behavior is equal to the marriage of a man and a woman". We're saying that a marriage is the union of two loving people, and that a marriage between two men is equal to a marriage between two women is equal to a marriage between a man and a women. Don't misrepresent the position.

14s - "Silence any moral opposition to it" No, we're not trying to silence you. GLAADCAP just wants you to be accountable for it and be able to call you on your animus-filled comments.

18 s- 37s- "It's a viewpoint that's been aroundfor 2000 yrs" There is a radical view of Islam that says women should be stoned for disobeying their husbands, which has been consistent for 1300 yrs. Does that mean it's correct, since it's really old and religious?

You're being called "hateful" because you are calling people sinners for being themselves. Also, Christians don't have the "True message of love and deliverance," that is entirely subjective. Myself, being a non-Christian, would follow the words of Christ as found in Luke Chapter 6 (i.e. judge not, do unto others).

38s-48s - attacking the "biblical" message world wide then cut to HIlary? You know, the same Hilary who is trying to get countries to STOP killing people for being gay, like in Uganda. (Also, ironically enough, preventing people from breaking one of the 10 commandments).

48s-1m21s - Not much to comment

1m22s -1m31s- Hilary wasn't "promoting gay rights" so much as calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality. You see, Peter, you can't claim to love homosexuals and want to jail them at the same time.

1m32s-1m35s - Traditional morality? You know, ones that want to jail people for being gay, or speaking out positively about being gay, like in Russia? Or countries like Uganda that want to kill gays? Tell me how you rectify that with the fifth commandment.

1m36s-2m - While I agree cutting off aid to those in need because of the head of state's policies is a bad decision, are you telling me, Peter, that you are pro-criminalization of homosexuality? That you want to jail all the gays in every country simply for being gay?

2m2s- You lost me at "God's law". Technically speaking polyester, shellfish, football all violate God's law. However slavery is a-okay.

2m12s - "God's institution" Read your old testament about what's allowed for marriage and tell me with a straight face that that's the type of marriage you want here in America.

2m18s - "God is already judging America." Fred Phelps called, he has a congregation for you to join.